by Zinobia 13 Aug 2018

Tried my hand at quilting. I don't remember where I saw n downloaded the artwork from. Enlarged it and printed on 9 A4 size pages. Traced, appliqued and quilted.

Went a bit overboard in quilting as I wanted to use many embroidery designs. It being first is full of mistakes but am happy to have finished it. Would love to hear any advise for a better quilt next time.


by lbrow 18 Aug 2018

I think it is lovely!

by bemara 18 Aug 2018

A Beautiful piece of Work :-)

by noah 18 Aug 2018

you did a great job hugs

by cfidl 18 Aug 2018

This is a great piece.

by 4evertwa 18 Aug 2018

WOW! What talent!!!

by kustomkuddle 16 Aug 2018

It is beautiful. I once took a class on quilting and the instructor stated that if you can not see the mistakes doing this (as she was swinging the block back and forth) then they do not matter!

by cj2sew 14 Aug 2018

I love it.

by ethan 14 Aug 2018

Its fantastic, thank you for showing us

by Just4fun 13 Aug 2018

I absolutely love it!!

by graceandham 13 Aug 2018

Love the idea of the silhouette within a silhouette. It is stunning.

by pennyhal2 13 Aug 2018

I admire your creativity and craftsmanship in creating this fabulous piece of art!

Squaring up the fabric and making sure everything is on the straight of grain...except for the edging which is bias tape might make it flatter. Maybe starching the fabric may make it easier for you to work with. Regardless, I like the puffy places and dense places and variation of quilting hearts. I do not have the skill to do something like this and love your creation!

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Zinobia by Zinobia 13 Aug 2018

Thank you very much for appreciating. The white fabric I tried starching but being first time I think starch was not enough. Also had issues adhering stabilizer and am blaming rain and humidity. Don't know if that really affects. But loved the experience. Hope I will do better after going through everybodys kind advice and motivated by generous appreciation. Thank you

by sonjapotgieter 13 Aug 2018

What a Beautiful piece of Work..Stunning design!!!

by sonjapotgieter 13 Aug 2018

What a Piece of Beaut!!!Stunning work done Sue..Love the Design!!!!Gorgeous

by basketkase 13 Aug 2018

Beautifully done!

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 Aug 2018

Love the theme and the heart quilting fits it well. I probably would have not used the corner hearts. You did a super job

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Zinobia by Zinobia 13 Aug 2018

Yes only hearts all throughout would have sufficed.

by pennifold 13 Aug 2018

Well, for a first it's a great start. I love the Mother, Father and children imagery and your heart quilting is lovely.
I notice that your blue fabric is curving and a good way of making sure that this doesn't happen is by putting a bias edging as it sits better on the edges of quilts. I've made many quilts and I've found this to be the best way of putting edging on. Another tip is to make sure that your quilt is squared off - make sure each side is equal in length and width. Hoping these tips will be of some assistance. Love Chris

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Zinobia by Zinobia 13 Aug 2018

You are right. I don't have quilt rulers and as fabric stretches I tried having a proper lines at back with stabiliser but just could not aligned them as they should have.
Bias strip cutting of binding noted.
Thank you

by dragonflyer 13 Aug 2018

Beautiful job....

by sebsews 13 Aug 2018


by spendlove Moderator 13 Aug 2018


by lilylady 13 Aug 2018

What a wonderful pattern. Like what I see.