by cooperal 11 Aug 2018

I'm looking for a source for aprons that are blank. I want to do the embroidery. I've checked Embroider This and they only have children's aprons. I'm not looking for free items but I don't have the time to make the aprons so this will be a short cut for me! Thanks for any help. Blessings to you all.


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by dragonflyer edited 11 Aug 2018

I just Googled aprons and these sites came up...I don't know anything about the site, but they have lots of aprons....

by graceandham 11 Aug 2018

Most of the aprons I have bought, though not lately, came from Michael's. I have mostly bought blue jean (for men's shop aprons), white, for applique and general designs, and red for Christmas. They also offer child's size aprons, with and without ruffles, in white, pink, red. There is a by-the- apron price and a bulk package price, plus they go on sale frequently. Happy stitching.