by mpeart 09 Aug 2018

I was wondering if one of you wonderful ladies can help me. Years ago I downloaded a moose wearing RCMP red serge and a Stetson hat that the RCMP wear. He had on black boots. I have done a search of my computer by clicking on the search at the bottom left of my monitor screen, but no luck. I know he is somewhere on my computer but I can't find him.

Thanks for any help that anyone can be.


by sewdeb 10 Aug 2018

Hi, it's me again - I'm like a dog with a bone, LOL. I did find a cartoon style seated moose Mountie on an old flash drive which I think came from Sew Forum - it's marked "Reno" there was a digitizer named Janet Reno on there, years ago. I'd give you a link but I cannot figure out how to search on the site.

by pennyhal2 10 Aug 2018

No luck here either. I did not realize how many moose I actually had on my computer. I need to clean up my computer.

by sharonleekesner 10 Aug 2018

Ok, how did you search. Did you type in "moose"? RCMP Moose? RCMP. That is where I would start. Now I will go look through mine and see if I have him and what his name is. Good luck to you.

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sewdeb by sewdeb 10 Aug 2018

I Tried RCMP moose embroidery designs, Mountie Moose,Canadian Mounted Police Moose embroidery designs, Moose dressed as Mountie and moose embroidery designs.

by sewdeb 10 Aug 2018

I'm sorry, I've looked at over 1000 moose designs and can't find the one you're looking for... I could have sworn I had seen, if not downloaded that same one, too. Sorry, but if you ever a design of a moose playing golf, in a diaper, paddling a canoe, declaring their love for Canada, bowling, sledding or playing hockey with a polar bear, let me know - I know just where to find it ! :-D Good luck,! Hugs*

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cfidl by cfidl 10 Aug 2018


by marianb 10 Aug 2018

I don't recall this design but someone will come by that does. Good luck in your hunt for the allusive Moose. Marian