by pennifold 5d ago

Hi everyone, I've got a request to those who are the 'older' members and of course anyone else who would love to write to Ronny (memasanders) of this site.

memasanders is a lady that I made a quilt for quite a few years ago with the help of some of the members from here, she has been through a rough time and I would love for her to receive letters from you.

Could anyone who would love to write to her please contact me via the PRIVATE INBOX at the top of the page. Thanking you all in anticipation of you helping me out. Love and blessings Chris

P.S. I'm going down to visit Meganne today, and won't be back till later today, but when I get home I do hope some of you will have contacted me.


by kustomkuddle 4d ago

Thinking of Meganne and sending prayers.

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pennifold by pennifold 4d ago

Thanks so much Debbie, Meg really appreciates everyone's prayers. Love Chris

by memasanders 5d ago

Chris please tell tell Meg she is in my prayers. My brother is now on the transplant list in Charelston SC for a new liver. We all live one day at a time with Gods help. Im praying for you all Hugs Ronny

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pennifold by pennifold 4d ago

Thanks Ronny, I told her everyone on here is praying for her and she was so appreciative. Love Chris

by cfidl 5d ago

Is she in Australia? Please tell Meganne she is in my thoughts and prayers.

jrob by jrob 5d ago

No, she's in the US (Ronny that is)

pennifold by pennifold 5d ago

Thanks Chris, Ronny is in America and I've passed on all the Cuties best wishes today when I saw Meg. She knows about and appreciates everyone's prayers and thoughts. Love Chris

cfidl by cfidl 4d ago

Thank you