by naven 06 Aug 2018

Any Website Selling Cliparts For Embroidery Digitizing?

I am embroidery digitizer and looking for a website where I can download a good clipart for digitizing it and sell it on my website. Please Suggest.

1. Looking for both paid and free alternative.
2. Website selling Individual Clipart is preferable. I do not want to spend 40 dollars to buy a complete set. Instead, I prefer to buy 40 Individual cliparts.
3. Website providing membership service will be more preferable



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by dollygk edited 07 Aug 2018

Here are two sites and if you register you get weekly freebies from both. Just be sure to read the copy write laws for EACH set of clipart! You can also do a search for 'sets of clipart for sale' and find many sites! Good Luck

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mops by mops 07 Aug 2018

Good you mentioned copyright. I have visited some sites that sell beautiful clipart at reasonable prices but their terms and conditions specificly exclude the use of them for digitising. Others only allow personal use. So check before you buy!

by Kampfzwerg 06 Aug 2018

try these, hugs

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naven by naven 06 Aug 2018