by mops 05 Aug 2018

Recycle, reuse.

Two T-shirt with tiny holes remade in children's T's, size 98 (body height in cm). And as I could not avoid the spotty parts I used some appliqués, both mine, to hide those.


by lbrow 12 Aug 2018

Great work Martine. I'm all for recycling . I also just love to work out just "What can I make from this? The neat job is the Thrift store is my Greats favorite place to shop. What can you make me out of this they say?

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mops by mops 13 Aug 2018

I just got a new load of discarded men's shirts - cuff worn down by a watch, collar by afternoon stubble, rest is in perfect condition. Could be reborn as boys' shirts or little girls dress. For a dress the breast pocket often is the tricky thing as they can have placement holes punched in the shirt fabric.

by kustomkuddle 10 Aug 2018

So cute! Great way to reuse.

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mops by mops 10 Aug 2018

Thank you.

by brendalea 05 Aug 2018

Great way to get a few more years out of there clothing. Children grow up so fast they do not get to wear out there clothing.
Happy Stitching :~)

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mops by mops 06 Aug 2018

They do. I love to reuse discarded man's shirts - they are thrown out when there is the slightest wear of cuffs and collar and are easily turned into boy's shirts or tiny girls dresses. And cutting (poly)cotton is easier than cutting knits.

by pennyhal2 05 Aug 2018

It always amazes me how you just think this stuff up and make it happen! Those antlers on the moose look really slender and difficult to cut around, but you really got it done perfectly! I think that there is a thin line between soft edge applique and pokies. Good upcycling!

mops by mops 06 Aug 2018

There are two ways to do applique, sew Outline first, attach fabric, then cut back; or cut the applique first, place over the placement line, then attach. I used the second method here. I find it a bit risky but I had to make sure to cover two holes. I used a template (outline on tearaway stabilser) ironed vilene at the back of the applique fabric, cut it out, applied it with a glue stick and ever so slowly let the machine stitch the attachment line. Sigh of relief and then the satin stitch at full speed.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 06 Aug 2018

Thanks for the additional info with all the little details! Is the vilene the stitcky back kind?

mops by mops 06 Aug 2018

I mean the iron on 'stick two fabrics together' kind. It comes on a layer of paper.

by basketkase 05 Aug 2018

Adorable, Martine!

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mops by mops 06 Aug 2018

Thank you.

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Aug 2018

Sweet. Love when things are finding another life.

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mops by mops 06 Aug 2018

So do I - my post war austerity upbringing I guess :) My mum worked wonders on her treadle machine, mostly from clothing her young sister outgrew.
What I hated that she often sewed the same pattern she had drawn especially for me to sew for 2 of my nieces - from newly bought fabric as my aunts had the cash but not the ability.

by sonjapotgieter 05 Aug 2018

Made good use for them!!Great work done!!Beautiful!!!

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mops by mops 05 Aug 2018

Thank you.

by dragonflyer 05 Aug 2018

Great the moose!

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mops by mops 05 Aug 2018

Thank you. I did not like the raw edge on the boat, so I zigzagged it afterwards on my sewing machine - next ime I'll make sure there's a satin stitch outline.

by pennifold 05 Aug 2018

Good on you Martine, great rescue. Love Chris

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mops by mops 05 Aug 2018

Thanks, Chris!