by sewpam 01 Aug 2018

Just want to thank everyone on their comments on embroidery software. I did purchase Fine Line by Exquisite on sale saving $70. The following is a photo of the label made for a quilt. It is the font is 1/4 inches tall. It stitched very nice using 60wt thread and a 65/9 needle.


by AuntAnnie 03 Aug 2018

Success, dear sis!

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sewpam by sewpam 03 Aug 2018

Yes, Success!!

by rescuer Moderator 02 Aug 2018

Did you use your new software to create this? It looks good.

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sewpam by sewpam 03 Aug 2018

Yes, did use the new software and its font.

by dragonflyer 02 Aug 2018

Very nice...glad you got the software you wanted...

by pennifold 02 Aug 2018

Looks wonderful, love the colours too. Love Chris

by sewpam 01 Aug 2018

Just re-read my post. Sorry for not proof reading before hitting submit. After all these years, think I would learn, to take a moment to proof read before submitting. Should read, the font is 1/4 tall.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 02 Aug 2018

Oh, I think we all do that at one time or another. That is a good stitchout for something that small.

sewpam by sewpam 02 Aug 2018

Thank you.

rescuer by rescuer edited 03 Aug 2018

You can edit your posts. There are posts in the Q&A section that explain how to do things here on Cute.

by sewdeb 01 Aug 2018

Looks great!