by basketkase 31 Jul 2018

I asked Boomer to draw me something....this is what he came up with.....I call it Boom Alley Cat.....the designs I put around it are ones that I changed a bit from my website to get them to work.....there will be a set that will have all these designs in it and then Boom's cat will be by itself.....I decorated the hood, sleeve front chest and back.....these designs will be up on my website tonight....


by katydid 01 Aug 2018

Boomer is a keeper!

by greytgirl 31 Jul 2018

Love the designs. I can see them being used for so many different projects!

by pennyhal2 31 Jul 2018

What a fun project! Is Alley the name of the cat? You could read it either way I guess. Love the hair sticking out all over. Sort of what I look like in the morning.

by sonjapotgieter 31 Jul 2018

Very delightful designs!!!Great work...Beautiful!!