by basketkase 29 Jul 2018

This is the next series I am working on.....they all will start with the name Menagerie and then it will be whatever animal it is.......this is Cat, Giraffe and Hedgehog.....these will be up on my website by tonight.........the cat and giraffe I put on sweatshirts for my fall sale, the hedgie is gracing a bag......


by katydid 01 Aug 2018

love them!

by bemara 29 Jul 2018

Great Work, i love them, hugs Maria =^..^=

by sonjapotgieter 29 Jul 2018

Cute designs!!Great work..Beatuiful!!!

by pennyhal2 29 Jul 2018

These are very unique and interesting designs! Of course, every kitty needs a crown!

I didn't know that hedgehogs had ears. I had to look up photos of them to check to be sure that it was a hedgehog and not some other little critter. Learned something new today!