by Sewlful 25d ago

I got a file from here labeled money holder. but I cannot find any instructions. How do I get the instructions? Thank you.



by rescuer Moderator 25d ago

Welcome to the Cute forum!
I am sorry to inform you that the instructions you seek may not be available. The section of this website that had those designs is closed. Basic instructions might be acquired from other Cute users if you post in the community.

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rescuer by rescuer 25d ago

I found this in my files: You must do the pockets first by a regular sewing machine
Sewing machine or hand sewing for pockets
1 x 8” zipper with plastic teeth
fabric 1 x 6 x 5 (zipper pocket)
fabric 1 x 6 x 9 (cardholder)
place zipper face down on the right side of the 6” side of zipper piece and sew in place
turn the zipper facing you and lift the bottom of the 6” piece of fabric on top of zipper and sew
in place now you have a tube – turn tube right side out iron tube with zipper in place, however you like it and what is practical to you or the gift
receiver (changing the opening the zipper for our left-handed friends?)
tack down sides left and right near end cut off excess zipper
zigzag fold the cardholder fabric on top of each other and sew down sides to tack. Use a credit
or debit card to check the depth of the pockets.
stitch color 1 to 3 with only top fabric
remove hoop not fabric tape lining to back of hoop
stitch color 4 remove hoop not fabric. If you want to put on your snap here it is a good idea, just make sure
the snap is well out of the way of your embroidery foot.
tape pockets in place using color 4 lines as placement lines. For the zipper pocket, make sure it is slightly over the placement line as it will be stitched down in the last color. match card pocket to bottom of design so the satin can grip them.
Make sure you don’t move the pocket too far down or you’ll catch the first pocket into the stitching.
The bottom of the zipper pocket will be stitched down in color 6, creating another pocket.
stitch color 5 making sure your embroidery foot does not get caught in the zipper or the folds for the cards.
cut off excess
Stitch color 6