by peafarm 15 Jul 2018

Husband has a type of dermatitis and had seen Dermatologist a number of years ago. He was put on the cancer drug 'Methotrexate' and that made all the itching and peeling and scabs disappear and finally hands were smooth--My stubborn husband quit taking it because he had to return every 3 wks for blood work and of course out of the pocket co-pay which did amount to a lot of $ so just quit and it is back again and he picks and itches all the time. Makes me crazy but I am sure it make him even crazier. Vasoline was only other thing that at least moistens the extreme dryness.


by 02kar Moderator 16 Jul 2018

My heart grieves for you and your hubby. It sounds awful. I also love coconut oil and I've also heard of people using Vitamin E. Just buy the capsules and poke a hole and squeeze out the oil and smear it over his hands. They are both natural oils so won't harm his skin. Please let us know how the 2 of you are managing

by sebsews 15 Jul 2018

Check out recent post by basketcase about her itching. Methotrexate is a tough drug.

by tilde01 15 Jul 2018

Try using Coconut Oil. It works for me and I have rosacea, Coconut Oil has many known antioxidant properties.