by basketkase 12 Jul 2018

Cuties....I need to ask if any of you have had experience with a skin condition called Lichen planus? I have been battling it for several was triggered by exposure to the bark of an ash tree.....I have never heard of this nor do I know anyone who has is miserable and itches intensley off & on...doc says it could take up to 12 months to abate....she can give me steroids, but I don't do well with those & she said it rarely helps anyway....I have tried caladryl, cortizone creme and now am using aloe vera gel, along with benedryl pills, but those make me sleepy, so I don't want to take it during the day, so am reaching out to you all to see if anyone else has had this...



by dragonflyer 19 Jul 2018

Hi Vicki....I just heard a tid bit on how to possibly help make your itching stop...take some baking soda and mix it with witch hazel to make a light paste and smooth it over the irritated area...not sure if this will work, but it is a very old itch remedy for aggressive skin my fingers crossed...Hugs and relief to you!

by stork 16 Jul 2018

Sounds horrible! Sure hope you find some working solutions real soon. I have eczema and know what a pain it is to find something to work. One time it does and the next it doesn't. I know the Dr. has said to rotate between the meds/creams so as not to build up a tolerance. Prayers for some relief!

by sebsews 16 Jul 2018

Lots of good ideas listed for you. I have used white vinegar on mosquito bites. I have never heard of this condition. I hope you get relief soon. Suzanna

by sewmom 15 Jul 2018

Never heard of it, sounds awful! Instead of benadryl could you try Loratidine? It doesn't make you as sleepy.

by airyfairy 15 Jul 2018

So sorry to hear that you have this rather nasty sounding skin complaint. I am of no use what so ever as I have never had any need to purchase any thing like that. I hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs Sarah

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basketkase by basketkase 15 Jul 2018

Thanks, Sarah…..I ordered some crème that was recommended on the facebook support page, so hopefully it will help!

by gerryb 15 Jul 2018

Vicki, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this! I wish I could tell you something that would help. But I will be praying it gets better soon!

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basketkase by basketkase 15 Jul 2018

Thanks Gerry

by noah 14 Jul 2018

Vicki i take Apo-Hydroxyzine 25mil. but u can get these in 5mil to 50 only thing that works for my hives****

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basketkase by basketkase 15 Jul 2018

Mmmm...never heard of it, will check into it....

by sewtired 14 Jul 2018

How awful, I had shingles some years ago (now I take a vaccination shot) and it was miserable, but I've never heard of this. I hope I never get first hand experience either. I have no help for you, only prayers for relief. I hope some of these suggestions work for you.
Shame on you kitties for destroying a plant that could have helped your "Mom". I have seen pure aloe vera gel in stores, probably health food stores. Maybe that would work.

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basketkase by basketkase 15 Jul 2018

Yes, that is what I is a bottle of 100% aloe gel...I got myself one of those shingles vacs last fall...I figure with all the skin issues I have had that surely I would end up with that....

by BeckyAndersen 13 Jul 2018

I have struggled with Lichen planus for years but it is only in my mouth. It comes and goes but is mostly with me all the time. I have never found anything that would help it. Stress makes it flare up. Learning and practicing relaxation techniques helps the most. Maybe I should check in the face book group?

basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2018

Yes Becky, join the group....looks like I will be doing lots of reading....gosh, I so feel for you, I can't imagine having this in the mouth....

BeckyAndersen by BeckyAndersen 14 Jul 2018

I did just join. Interesting site. I hope yours gets better quickly.

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by meganne edited 13 Jul 2018

If you can buy Pinetarsol over there I can highly recommend it to reduce itching, it stinks to high Heaven but it is the best thing I know of.
Hope you can get it there.
huge hugs, M.

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basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2018

Thanks Meg.....I know the stress of Charles didn't help this condition...ugh!! the 4th pic is what mine looks like right now on my arm......have never heard of the Pinetarsol but will investigate it.....I just got accepted to the facebook group that Jan told me about, so hoping to get some positive info there...….

by dragonflyer 13 Jul 2018

Oh so sorry, sounds terrible...have you tried natural Aloe Vera jell right from the Aloe Plant? I had 3rd degree burns down to the bone on both hands from a hot oil spill and it was a miracle in their healing...not even a scar...but only the natural jell from the plant, not the jell you purchase in a drug store...I swear by Aloe Vera jell and have had a plant growing in my garden for the past 20 years...

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basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2018

I don't have a plant and I don't think they would survive our winter.....I used to have a house aloe plant but the year of cats destroyed it and I had no where to keep it away from them......

by toogie 13 Jul 2018

Vicki I read you said the aloe Vera helps some. I wanted to say when Nora has mosquito bites she wants to scratch naturally because of the itching. I put Aloe Vera jel on her bites and she stops scratching. I also think it promotes healing faster. She will usually come to me when it does start itching again and I just reapply.
My legs below my capris got ate up by Mosquitos Tuesday when we went to a ladies house and picked figs. We went at daylig as we like to go before it gets too hot. I applied the aloe vera on my legs just once and I can barely see the bites AND they're not itching😀. A good tip especially for those with small children who naturally want to scratch.

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basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2018

I keep my gel in the refrig so when I put it on cold it is so far it works the best even though it doesn't stop it completely......

by dander324 12 Jul 2018

I have contact dermatitis, and my doctor has me on Hydrophilic ointment. It helps and makes things manageable. Vicks is also good. If you can find cotton gloves put them on after applying what ever you find works best. You might have to take one of your hubby's t-shirts and make you own gloves.

basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2018

I have tried several prescription medications to no far the most relief I have gotten has been from the aloe vera… interested in the vicks, though, it'll open up my nasal passages too...LOL! Thank heavens this stuff is only on my left forearm where the bark laid while I carried it to a brush pile......

dander324 by dander324 13 Jul 2018

Hydrophilic ointment does not require a prescription, I order it from Amazon. Since I have been using it several of my friends have started using it for dry, itchy skin.

by hightechgrammy 12 Jul 2018

Hi Vicki,
i had never heard of this either. There is a Facebook support group at
Maybe you can find some help there. Hugs Jan

basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2018

Thank, Jan......I will definitely investigate looks as though this may be something I will battle for awhile, so I will look into this group!!

basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2018

I just sent a request to join this group......thanks again, Jan!

basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2018

I got accepted, so hoping I get some good advice and at least I will get the support I need.....

by toogie 12 Jul 2018

I'm sorry for you, but I'm no help, because I never heard of this. My husband psoriasis drives me almost as crazy as him 😩- he is constantly rubbing his hands or arms like he itches. I don't think he is even aware he does it so much. I told him people are gonna think he has body lice!😳😉

basketkase by basketkase 13 Jul 2018

I feel for your hubs......the itch of this stuff is so horribly intense......when it first broke out I was on benedryl constantly as the itch never stopped, but now it seems to flare up mostly at night......

toogie by toogie 13 Jul 2018

He has torn many of my sheets up rubbing his feet, during the night, when he rubs them together, because of itching. My bottom fitted sheets don't last long!

by lilylady 12 Jul 2018

I spent you PM

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basketkase by basketkase 12 Jul 2018

Got it....thank you...

by pcteddyb 12 Jul 2018

Have you tried the benedryl creme? I did not have what you have but I had an itchy condition that lasted for months. I found Aveeno shower gel and Aveeno lotion helped me.

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basketkase by basketkase 12 Jul 2018

I too use Aveeno products as I have sensitive skin and have had eczema all my life, this is so much worse and I can tell there will be scars from this...ugh...thank you for your advice!

by sandyqueen 12 Jul 2018

My hubby swears by Vicks covered with Udderly Smooth. Lotion. It worked on my allergy when I was red and itchy from neck to mid thigh.
I also used it on ingrown toenails and small to medium cuts.

try it.


sandyqueen by sandyqueen 12 Jul 2018

Used on my shingles also with good relief.

basketkase by basketkase 12 Jul 2018

What an interesting combo and certainly worth a try....thank yo!

toogie by toogie 12 Jul 2018

May try this on a toenail that has been a pain for years. Where do find this udderly lotion? Does Walmart have it?

toogie by toogie 12 Jul 2018

How do you apply or mix?

powagrl by powagrl 13 Jul 2018

Walmart does carry Udderly Smooth. You can also order online at Joann's & have it sent to the store & It is on sale now. Here are other places that carry this cream.