by AllRaggedy 06 Jul 2018

Hello Cuties, perhaps one of you has run into this problem and can help me. I purchased a PES design set of little American Girl doll shoes to embroider out. Using my Smart Sizer by Amazing Designs I separated the two shoes which required a five by seven field and made each single to fit in a 4 by 4 hoop and saved it as a PES design. My Amazing Little Max box is able to recognize this design and can transfer them onto its card so I can stitch it out. However my PED 1.7 version basic card reader cannot see the PES designs that I have downsized to a 4x4 hoop. Any ideas? Any design program such can see these designs that I have on my computer and can open them, but this PED basic can't see them. It can only see the original 5x7 designs of the shoes to load on its card. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


by pennyhal2 15 Jul 2018

Is there a way to tell what pes version a design is in?

by meganne 07 Jul 2018

Sometimes there are issues with PES designs because there are now so many newer versions/upgrades.

I find if I have an issue and I can open it in Embird or Pulse Xpressive, I can usually save it back to a PES V6 and for some reason V6 seems to be the most compatible with all the various applications.

Also you may need to ensure that you 'purposely' centre the design in the hoop.
Hope this helps somewhat. Hugs n roses, M

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AllRaggedy by AllRaggedy 08 Jul 2018

I do have the design centered. My program only allows to save to PES, no specific version. Thank you for your suggestions.

by awesome1 07 Jul 2018

Did you remember to change hoop to 4x4 in the Basic program? I have PEDesign v5 and I change designs to v5 to work with--I use old Pulse Ambassador--but sometimes it will not recognize the design. So I then open it in My Editor, save as lower version of pes, then to Ambassador to convert again. You might try can D/L My Editor for free @

AllRaggedy by AllRaggedy 08 Jul 2018

Thank you for your suggestions. I did remember to change to 4x4 hoop size in Smart Sizer program where I did the editing.. I will look into My Editor and try that. Thank you for the link.

AllRaggedy by AllRaggedy 08 Jul 2018

I also selected 4x4 hoop in the PED program, but it still could not see the design

by carolpountney 07 Jul 2018

I used to work with Ped basic I also work with buss tools if the ped would not read my des8gn I converted it to version 1 and then it worked if your system can convert to version1 I would try it hope this helps

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AllRaggedy by AllRaggedy 08 Jul 2018

I also own Buzz Explore, it read the design I edited but questioned bad design data? I do not know how to change the design to version 1. I am not that experienced, but thank you for your suggestions.

by stock 07 Jul 2018

have you got Wilcom or something similar, put the design in and save it as pes again, I have found this works sometimes...wendy

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AllRaggedy by AllRaggedy 08 Jul 2018

Thank you for your suggestion.

by toogie 06 Jul 2018

I'm no pc geek, but it sounds like it won't read the newer version pes. Is there a way you can save it in an older pes version?

AllRaggedy by AllRaggedy 06 Jul 2018

Thank you Toogie for your suggestion. I am using old software though that works off of XP Windows. I believe that would be the older version PES as is the brother PED basic program I have and the amazing designs program I have. I only have one card for my amazing designs and one card for my PED basic and I have 10 little shoes I want to store to take with me to stitch with my granddaughter. Not enough space on one card for putting all 10 shoes on my one amazing design card, and I do not want to travel with this heavy old XP computer as I taking my machine with me already!

awesome1 by awesome1 07 Jul 2018

Can you transfer to a flash drive and load it into your gdaughter's computer?

AllRaggedy by AllRaggedy 08 Jul 2018

My machine only uses embroidery cards, and my PED Basic program only works on Windows XP..Thankyou for your suggestion though.

mops by mops 11 Jul 2018

I am using my PED basic on Windows 8.1. I found an update of the software on the Brother site.