by pennifold 05 Jul 2018

Hi Cuties, well I've finally had to admit my dear Husqvarna Designer SE has gone past its use by date!!!

I dropped off my machine to Thorpes Sewing machine shop at Boolaroo ( a suburb not too far away from me) a few weeks ago as I was having issues with it intermittently stopping and starting when first turning the machine on. Well Maarten says it's had a good life and a hard one to boot!!!

So, I'm getting a new Husqvarna Ruby Royale. Looking forward to receiving it in a couple of weeks. Love Chris


by sewdoctor 10 Jul 2018


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pennifold by pennifold 10 Jul 2018

Thanks Darlene, looking forward to receiving it. Love Chris

by lidiad 10 Jul 2018

Congratulations, Chris!
Hugs, Lidia

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pennifold by pennifold 10 Jul 2018

Thanks so much Lidia, can't wait. It's like having my right arm cut of! Love Chris

by meganne 07 Jul 2018

WOW! Congrats on the new Ruby Baby. You didn't even tell me.
I'll look forward to coming up to see it in action.
Huge hugs, M

pennifold by pennifold 08 Jul 2018

It was going to be a surprise! I'm not getting it for a few weeks. Love Chris

meganne by meganne 09 Jul 2018

Well you sure surprised me. LOL!!!

by tuross 06 Jul 2018

Chris I hopeyou geet as much pleasure out of your Ruby that you have from your SE. Like you I am a Husqvaqarna fan and now have the Epic (a fabulous machine - the best yet), a Diamond and my beloved SE which is a real workhorse. Should probably get rid of my Diamond since I hardly use it but -well you know. Still have two Husqvarna overlockers - the 905 and 936. Unfortunately I had another stroke a couple of months ago as well as meningitis at the same time and have had to relearn my Epic and am also struggling with how to thread my 936. Oh well, life is full of challenges and praise the Lord, that against all odds I am still alive and kicking.

pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Thanks Lynne, my you have quite a few of them. I looked at the Epic, but after just being away on our Canadian/Alaskan holiday I couldn't afford it. So the Ruby has the extra sizes so that will do. I've still got the Brother Quattro that has lots of hoops too, so they will do.
I do hope that you are on the improve and that you can eventually thread the 936 overlocker and relearn the Epic. Good luck with it all. Love Chris

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 07 Jul 2018

I got a shock last month when I saw the price of the latest Epic down at Darling Harbour $14,999. I think I got a bargain in May when I bought The Janome 14000 embroidery machine which was a run out model ,not much different from the new model for $4,999

pennifold by pennifold 07 Jul 2018

Hi Judy, Maarten wanted $12,999.00 for the EPIC, but I couldn't justify spending that much. Maybe if I was sewing for a living, but I only do family and friend stuff. I got the Ruby Royale for $6400.00 Love Chris

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by dragonflyer edited 06 Jul 2018

Forgot to ask....Hope so, but will any of the hoops and/or accessories from your Designer SE work with this new Ruby Royale model?

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Thanks Kim, yes they do. I've got all the original hoops and feet etc. I just left the machine with Maarten. Love Chris

by clintonmiss22 06 Jul 2018

Congrats on the new machine. Lucky you!! Enjoy!

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Thanks so much, I can't wait to get to play with it. Love Chris

by sewpam 06 Jul 2018

Nice!! It will be a best friend.

pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Hello Pam, I do hope so. I've had Husqvarnas for over 40 years! Gosh that really does make me feel old.
I'm so glad to see your projects on here too Pam and that I have welcomed you to this great site. Love Chris
P.S. I love your man's quilt by the way and where do you live in this wonderful wide world of ours?

sewpam by sewpam 09 Jul 2018

Hi Chris, I live in the northern part of Idaho, USA, in a city that most people would consider small but for Idaho it is not. It has a population of under 25,000. Have you received you new machine yet? My fancy machine is a year old now and loving it. I had, and still have and will keep a White Jean Machine for over 30 years. My old machine is still a friend but wanted more that a Zig Zag so the new Baby Lock is now my new best friend.

by stork 06 Jul 2018

Congratulations!!!! I pray regarding my SE. I need a new tray (the hinge broke) and because of age I won't buy one.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Thanks Tonya, do you mean your age or the age of the machine he he he? There should be spare parts for the machine at a reputable technician's shop. Love Chris

by basketkase 06 Jul 2018

Congrats on the new machine!!! Know you will get good use out of the new one, Chris! Will be fun for you to explore...….

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Thanks Vicki, another good thing about it is the very large hoop and a more square type one that I didn't have on the SE. Love Chris

by gerryvb 06 Jul 2018

sometimes it's time to say goodbye......But a new machine: great !
, hope you will get it soon and will have a wonderful time together !!

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Hi Gerry, yes, I remember when I got the new Brother for my 60th birthday - gosh that will be 6 years ago come this October! Where is the time going? Love Chris

by sebsews 06 Jul 2018

Congrats on your new Ruby Royal. I must tell you, I had sort of the same problem with my serger. When I would turn it on it would at random start to serge. At first I thought the serger was spooked! The problem was inside the hole where the foot pedal plugs into. Something inside the hole broke, Blackie fixed it! Well now it is doing the same thing. I will take it for service. Hugs, Suzanna

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

That's what Maarten thinks was wrong with the SE too! I just thought what the heck he can use it for parts in the workshop. He knows how many hours that that machine had done too as it's always been serviced by him. Love Chris

by sewdeb 06 Jul 2018

Congratulations! I wish the two of you many happy years together! Hugs*, Deb

pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Thanks Deb, I hope I love it as much as I did my SE. It's always a learning curve when you get something new isn't it? Love Chris

sewdeb by sewdeb 06 Jul 2018

I loved my SE, too. Great machine. I'm sure you'll be knocking out great items for "your ladies" in no time on the Ruby Royale!

by mops Moderator 06 Jul 2018

I bought a Desiner1 in 1998 which my daughter still uses (and my ganddaughter as well). Bought a Ruby in 2008 just for the larger hoop size. It replaced my 1998 Designer1 that my daughter (and granddaughter) still use. I love both (the D1 and the Ruby).

Enjoy your Ruby dL once you get it. I know you'll love it!

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Hi Martine, thanks for that information. I was trying to remember when I bought it, but am guessing it was 13 or 14 years ago, but it could have been longer than that. I still have the Husqvarna Quilter II which I've given to Amy as a spare sewing machine. Love Chris

by killiecrankie 06 Jul 2018

Enjoy your new machine.How old was the Designer SE?
Few months ago I got a new machine & the old one was put out on the foot path missing some of the bits I kept,it disappeared in a few hours.I really thought it would be put in the bin ,the next day.Husband reckoned it was taken for the metal content.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Hi Judy, I've had the Designer one for about 12-13 years. I've got the Husqvarna quilter too but I gave that to Amy. That is the one that used cards. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 05 Jul 2018

So sad....hope your new machine works as hard and as long as this one did!

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Thanks Kim, Maarten (from Thorpe's sewing machines) always commented on how many hours that machine had done. Love Chris

by graceandham 05 Jul 2018

Congratulations on your next learning curve.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

Thanks Betsey, I'm looking forward to seeing what features are different to my old SE. Love Chris

by dailylaundry 05 Jul 2018

Hard to part with the old one - but, oh, my, nothing like a new machine!!!

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

That's for sure Laura, can't wait to get it now. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Jul 2018

She worked hard during her lifetime. Time to make room for a new generation.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

That's for sure Angie, and I'm looking forward to my new machine. Love Chris

by maymason1 05 Jul 2018

Rest in peace designer SE.....I love mine

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jul 2018

That's how I felt May. Love Chris