by cooperal 03 Jul 2018

This is not related to "sewing", however, it does come under "sowing"! Our garden is crazy bountiful this year and thought you'd like to see what I picked this morning. This is ONE lettuce leaf and it weighed 1 5/8 ounces, the cutting mat shows you the dimensions. Looks like I'll be canning and freezing...and giving keep me busy. No wonder I don't get a lot of sewing done in the summer!! Blessings to you all.


by cfidl 03 Jul 2018

ooh that looks so good. Salad time for sure!

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cooperal by cooperal 03 Jul 2018

Salad time for sure! We have a bowl for supper each night.

by toogie 03 Jul 2018

Your lettuce is beautiful! I just balanched 48 ears of corn on the cob to give away-cooking more off the cob. We don't have any lettuce though . Mostly likely the rabbits here wold eat it. Squirrels were into our corn.

cooperal by cooperal 03 Jul 2018

I've never had lettuce like this before. Usually the quail or the slugs get it! You must be a lot further south of our location to have corn already. Up here ours is just beginning to tassel. Yum yum. Avis

cooperal by cooperal 04 Jul 2018

Just read your events with corn and all your canning! You amaze me. God has blessed you with many talents. Hugs, Avis