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by toogie ( edited 16d ago ) 16d ago

Had to meet Ashley and SIL at ER last night and get Nora- when they left from here, they got home, Gus climbed on a bar stool and fell on his head, on brick floor- head scan and 3 stitches later, but thank God ok.

It's a good thing she had towel on his head applying pressure or her shirt would be worse. Ashley was shaky voice when she called on their way- she said so much blood she thought it was his eye-when came back after over just had to release everything in mama's arms and have a good cry-I guess they never get too old for mama to make them feel like everything's gonna be okay.


by pennifold 14d ago

Oh! you poor things, look at Ashley's face, it says it all! I do pray that Gus's scar won't be too bad and young skin heals very quickly anyway.
We hope your 4th July get together on the weekend will be full of stories and family fun. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 14d ago

Yes, her face shows the strain and exhaustion.
Thank you Chris, every year we have some 'empty spots' of loved ones lost. It's kind of sad, when they come to mind, but then glad to see the ones who came, to get together once again. I do hope the weather improves for the day because we have been getting some pretty hard down pours. They predict rain again through Saturday. This time, I hope they are wrong.

by graceandham 15d ago

Toogie, What's the report on Gus on July 4th?

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toogie by toogie 15d ago

Mom says he is 'okay', thank you for asking.
We are having our big family '4th' on the 7th this year. A friend of mine told me this morning, that made perfect sense, for 'my' family! -lol
We always have our get together the Sat closest to the 4th and so most wanted the Sat. after

by shirley124 16d ago

Sorry to hear about little Gus's fall. Hope all is well now. Big Hugs

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toogie by toogie 15d ago

Thank you Shirley. He does seem ok....

by stork 16d ago

So hard when it's one of our little ones. Last night we had to take the 4 yr old grandson to Urgent care for bee sting......stung 3 times, welts, hives, puffy and skin felt like it was on fire. Long day with a long night and all is well except for the meds he needs to take for the next 14 days. I get the bulk of the meds to deliver and he threw up the first pill of the day.......God Bless your daughter and Thank you for being there for her. I even called my retired RN mom to talk things out!!!

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toogie by toogie 16d ago

I know I won't be here always, but I'm always here now... Does that make sense?
Sorry your grandson had such a reaction had to have medical attention. Hope he is feeling better soon.

by sewpam 16d ago

That is scary. Mama's do make tough time better. Happy everyone is doing good.

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toogie by toogie 16d ago

Seems fine today, thank you.

by airyfairy 16d ago

Poor little Gus. Hope he is feeling better. Thank goodness he is all right.

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toogie by toogie 16d ago

We haven't heard from her yet today. I am sure he will have a doozy of a headache today. Dr said as much.

by cfidl 16d ago

Wow! That is a gash for sure. So glad he is OK! You folks hopefully will get good sleep tonight and have a wonderful 4th tomorrow. Got plans? are you cooking up a barbecue?

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toogie by toogie 16d ago

Yes, dr said that gash will leave him a scar. I guess this will be his 'war scar' from fight with the bar stool and floors.
Yes, we will be having our annual family BBQ again this year. I see you remembered....Hope you enjoy your 4th celebrations.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16d ago

Oh my goodness. The picture of his head made me grinch. I am glad he is OK

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toogie by toogie 16d ago

He will be thank you Angie. I am sure the head hurts. Ashley said they had just came in. Hubby was still outside, Nora had gone to her room and Ashley was at the kitchen sink when she said she heard a sound like a 'crack'. That was when he hit the floor. Knocked him out for just a bit. Scared everyone to death.
Ashley said she scooped him up and they were on their way to ER, Nora without shoes. Thank goodness she had flip flops in the truck.
Poor baby, when we got to ER to get her, I could see her red rimmed eyes. I told her not to cry, Gus was being taken care of. She said she wasn't crying then, but had been because she was worried about her little brother and said mamma was praying all the way to hospital. Such trauma for little ones. They called 911 and said they were coming in with a head injury to local hospital, so they were ready and waiting. It takes too long for ambulance to 'find' them, we are all rural.

by dragonflyer 16d ago

So scary! Glad little Gus is okay and one is never too old for their Mama~

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toogie by toogie 16d ago

I guess not, sure wish I had mine sometimes.
I am sure Gus will have a headache for a while and yes, it is scary when bleeding so bad. Child is scared and won't let you see and it's always so much blood when it's the head. Ashley was afraid it was his eye too as it was filled with blood.
I remember when Mason fell here and cut his head open. His blood covered my hand towel and I made it to the hospital in record time. I think we flew on Angel wings that night. Seems like they most always get hurt or sick at night.....