by frikanya 03 Jul 2018

I would like to learn to digitize, got the Embird software for years but never got around to digitize with full time working now since am going to stop working soon I would love to learn to digitize. I got lessons for Embird from Kathy that I bought long ago but I would like to learn how the 'magic wand' work as I try to use it to make outlines for quilts but it seems to be a mess never tried embroidering it ... I would like to know how I get the stitches to not have that many jumps and at least follow each other.. any ideas where I can buy a lesson to teach me that?


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by mops Moderator edited 04 Jul 2018

The tutorials Embird offers deal mostly with the fill and column parts of the magic wand and are meant for their latest update (2018 - I still use 2017). I would never use it for outlines/quilt patterns.
But I used an old Clipartoon design -pict 1- and tried out the magic wand on it. The result is reasonable but far from perfect especially in the centre - see pict 2. It has 296 different pieces which can be combined to a double stitching line by using the 'tree' icon -pic 3 so it then stitches in one continuous line.But the ugly centre would have to be corrected first and that involves quite a few lines!

It is quite easy to digitise it manually. It did only a part to demonstrate - see pict 4. I made one line as long as possible, making sure there are square nodes at every crossroad. Then did several shorter branches.
I used the tree icon to Combine the parts, then Copy, Paste, Mirror horizontally - pict 5 - and finally used Auto-rotate 4 times in circle followed by Transform, Snap to previous object.
It takes longer to type the explanation then to digitise.
The animation shows the stitch order.

spendlove by spendlove 04 Jul 2018

Thank you for taking the trouble to post this comprehensive answer. It has shown me just how much I have still to learn!
Love the animation!

mops by mops 04 Jul 2018

The animation is done in Manager. Right Click on the embroidery file and play a bit with the parameters in the pop-up menu. I set the size a bit larger (300 instead of 200) and the animation sequence lower (50 in this case but I think 25 would even be better with a redwork design)). And it always is so nice to see.

spendlove by spendlove edited 04 Jul 2018

Thanks. I can only see the sew simulator which I use a lot. How do I save the animation?

mops by mops 04 Jul 2018

Select the embroidery design in the list. Now either choose Export, then Export Animated Image or choose Alt+B. In both cases you get the pop-up menu to set some parameters, click OK and a new 'Save as' menu let you save the animation as a gif-file.

frikanya by frikanya 10 Jul 2018

Thanks you very much for your explanation... much appreciated. It seems I will have to learn to manually digitize as it will give the results am looking for. I got the cd's and started on listening to them and applying what I learn. For now I just learn to digitize as am not retired yet will be retire soon ... am a system engineer and dont want to sit at home not keeping busy and digitizing sound like the ideal thing to keep me busy. I will surely read through your mail and get myself acquainted to more information on how to digitize manually

frikanya by frikanya 10 Jul 2018

You dont perhaps got a course on CD or online that you sell? I looked for a course near me that I can go and learn digitizing but nothing nearby so online or CD is the way to go ... I got the Embird digitizing software newest version will just have to start doing it in my free time.. thank you very much again for sharing your knowledge

mops by mops 11 Jul 2018

I am not near by, unless you happen to live in the Netherlands. But I have made tutorials on the different tools etc. Just send me a PM when you need specific information and I'll be glad to help.