by pennyhal2 30 Jun 2018

After seeing Toogie's abundance of thread that she posted, I started to think about the "problem" I'm beginning to have storing all the threads I've accumulated...sewing, serging, embroidery,quilting, metallic, etc. I'm alread out of drawers and starting to buy plastic boxes, but where do I put the boxes? Right now they are getting stacked on the floor, but there must be a better way.

How do you store your thread stash?


by graceandham 30 Jun 2018

I store my king (big) spools in those three plastic drawers on wheels units for closets. The drawers make for quick access and return after use.They are roughly in color order (by the rainbow) and each drawer is labeled. They are stacked two high to the left and right of my machine. Smaller spools, I found a shallow drawered plastic unit. Serging and regular sewing threads are stored way away from these so there is no confusion.

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pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 01 Jul 2018

Great idea! I think I'd like the drawer idea better than storage boxes I have. You have to open the top to get to the thread, so I have to unstack first. I'll have to check them out.