by basketkase ( edited 28 Jun 2018 ) 28 Jun 2018

A couple more bags done........these should go over well with my customers in the fall.....who wouldn't want to be taken back to the beach! These are Surfer Girl 2 and Surf Trip.....they will be up on my website tonight........


by airyfairy 01 Jul 2018

They are lovely. I especially like the old VW bus

by katydid 01 Jul 2018

Cute as always!

by Lynnnagy 30 Jun 2018

I looked for these designs and couldnt find them on Basketkase. aree they on a specific page. I spent like 45 mins looking through designs.

babash by babash 01 Jul 2018

Look in new designs page 5 on Basketkase site that's where you will find them.

Lynnnagy by Lynnnagy 01 Jul 2018


Lynnnagy by Lynnnagy 01 Jul 2018

I think I was thrown off by the yellow background on your or it was a senile moment! BAHAHAHa

by pennyhal2 29 Jun 2018

That van sure reminds me of the days when I lived on the beach! Seems like everyone had one with a board on top. The palm and wave really completes the scene. Great designs!

by sonjapotgieter 29 Jun 2018

Wow...Gorgeous designs!!!