by sewpam 27 Jun 2018

Hi everyone. I have had my machine for just a year and using free software and ready for an upgrade without a big expense. I am considering Fine Line by Exquisite. I am asking for advise on software and any comments on Fine Line. The price is within my budget and will do most of what I want in software. I have no desire to digitize. Any help will be much appreciated.


by jenne 28 Jun 2018

I have "Sew What" easy to use and not pricey. I don't digitize either. good support also.

by dragonflyer 28 Jun 2018

I agree with other Cuties...seems pretty pricey. I would recommend Embird and it can be purchased in modules which is great...and I couldn't be without the Iconizer which allows you to see an image of the design.

by mrskiki 28 Jun 2018

Have not heard of Fine Line but would recommend Embrilliance with flying colors. You can purchase modules as you need or want them. Easy to learn and good customer support. Hugs. Nan

by anitapatch 28 Jun 2018

Look if you can find Embird to try for free a month. It is easy tu use

by mops Moderator 28 Jun 2018

I never heard of it. Have a look at Embird (which I love) or Sew what Pro ( which I never used so I cannnot commend on) and compare prices and test a free trial.

by kustomkuddle 27 Jun 2018

Welcome. You will find lots of helpful people on this site. Good luck on your search for software.

by sewist1 27 Jun 2018

Fine Line seems pretty limited in what it can do. For that price you can get software which does a lot more - Sew What Pro , Embrilliance , Embird etc.

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sewpam by sewpam 27 Jun 2018

I appreciate the info. You are the second person to recommend Sew what pro. Will look into that software. Thank you very much

by laurasomi 27 Jun 2018

Hi and welcome to cute, did you look at Sewwhatpro ?? That is a great software and is alot cheaper then Fine Line, which i have never heard of before. Here is the link so maybe you wanna check it out:

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sewpam by sewpam 27 Jun 2018

Thank you for the link I need all the help I can get.