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by toogie ( edited 30 Jun 2018 ) 27 Jun 2018

UPDATE-6-30 below-Hello Cuties! I want to tell you I spoke with a very nice lady yesterday...a Cutie! We spoke like old friends and even had some laughs.

With her encouragement, I have managed to embroider 5 blocks today. Thank you Cutie!
I told her everyday it is something to do, or someones needs help from me, etc. that I am beginning to think this quilt is not to be. However, today was a new day, if I can just have a few more like this.

I told her what all I did the weekend, and neither she nor I, know how I did it all.
I canned 8 qts and 6 pints of pickles Saturday afternoon AFTER I cooked that morning enough for lunch and dinner. I then washed my car after lunch, by hand I must add (no reason my wrist hurts), trimmed my hair and bathed. Just when I stepped out of the shower,grandson brought his 20 month old for me to keep (their 4th anniversary dinner). Then a friend came in with 81 ears of corn that I just could not put up that late! No, contrary to everyone here at home's belief, I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN!!!-lol
I missed church the next morning, which I didn't like to do, so corn wouldn't ruin/sour and before it got too hot. We (dh and I) made 21 quart freezer bags. It has been extremely hot here and my a/c didn't shut off for the 2 days I canned. Told DH we would cook it outside from now on.
Nora loves corn, so DH wanted me to take a photo for her to see, just how much we had at once. I told him I would like to know just how much corn that child could eat at once, if we just let her have it!-lol
Well, just wanted you to know I am here, when I can pop in. Just right now not as much I want to be. Take care and sleep well if you are like me, ready for bed. If not, then have a good day-Toogie

Added (blurred) photo of corn cooling after cooked down for sewmadau

Update 6-30
In the past week this is what I canned:
Bread and Butter Pickles-21 quarts jars, 6 pints
Corn cut off cob-21 quart freezer bags
Figs- 19 pint jars and 4 qts
Snap beans-only 4 qts
Yesterday morning my dh and I picked 6 five qt buckets of figs, all before 7:20 am. We then came home and canned them and the snap beans. I didn't have many green beans, because my niece gave them to me, out of her garden. We didn't plant any this year.
* I had to add gerryvb's photo last, because this is me and what I plan on doing Sunday (and today!) -lol-lol

So please show and tell what you're canning this year.


by clintonmiss22 03 Jul 2018

I'm not as industrious as you, but I have canned 7 quarts of sweet pickles put up 15 bags of purple hull peas and 12 bags of squash. We purchased 100 ears of corn, but have enough in the freezer so just ate and shared it with family and neighbors. Oh, and I canned 20 quarts of tomatoes. They are coming in slower now, so may just freeze them as I get enough to make a bag. To me, frozen ones are OK in soups and chili. Hope you get to rest and embroider soon!

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toogie by toogie 04 Jul 2018

You've done a lot yourself!
Hubby pulled 124 ears of his corn today. We cut some off the cob and cooked and put 48 ears up on the cob.
His tomato plants all died but about 5. We didn't plant peas because still had plenty but do have speckled butter beans growing. They aren't ready yet, though. How are you saving the squash? I tried putting some in the freezer once and it seemed to stay soft if I remember rightly. I think tomatoes in jars are so pretty and we love soups too.

by cfidl 03 Jul 2018

Lately I have just been making compote with any fruit I have. I know it is a cheaters way. Then we have to eat it because there isn't enough to can. It has been about 4 years since I have made pickles. I think I need to stop at the farmers market and get a 1/2 bushel. Not too much, but just enough to turn the hot water bath on.

toogie by toogie 04 Jul 2018

well this is the third time I try Christine to leave you a reply. It just circled and circled yesterday when I hit Submit and before that I forgot to hit submit!
Anyway, as I tried to say to you I would give you all the cucumbers you wanted. We have made pickles, ate raw, and gave away but no one wants anymore.

toogie by toogie 04 Jul 2018

Yea! It posted!!!

by katydid 27 Jun 2018

You are too busy for me! I usually go out side the kitchen to the deck to remove the corn kernels because it is so messy. I never thought about using an electric knife. I must give it a try. I have also read to use a bunt cake pan to place the corn and catch the kernels , but have not tried it. We love corn here in Ga too. The silver queen will come in soon. It is the best of the best.

toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2018

It's been so hot here Kay, in the 90's, heat index sometimes over 100. I don't know why but this year, I just can't take the heat. Your deck sounds like a nice place to be.

sewpam by sewpam 03 Jul 2018

Send some heat my way. It is only going to be 65 degrees here today. I am missing summer. So far only a few strawberries and raspberries have been picked out of the garden.

toogie by toogie 03 Jul 2018

What part of the world are you? Your country?

sewpam by sewpam 04 Jul 2018

North Idaho. This is not normal weather for us it should be real warm boarding on hot. High to day was 66 by Thursday 90. Finally warming up. My favorite temp is 80, not too hot to work outside and warm enough for a swim.

by pennifold 27 Jun 2018

You rock Toogie! Love everything you do for your family and food preparation. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2018

Aw, 'shucks' lady, 'tweren't nothin'....was that a John Wayne line?-lol

by kustomkuddle 27 Jun 2018

I'm tired just reading what you did! But there is nothing like canning your own fruits and veggies. The very best. Lucky you!

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toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2018

I feel the same way, love home grown.

by sewpam 27 Jun 2018

Hi Toogie, Just reading all you did made me want to take a nap. Since I am new here I feel awkward in asking questions or giving advise, but here goes. Is the knife by the corn one used to cut it off the cob? if so try an electric knife it is so much faster. I did see your photos of the quilt, it will be very beautiful gift and very precious. I can hardly wait to see it finished.

toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2018

I can hardly wait to finish it!-lol-I have to grab time when I can and do as much as I can on it. So far still just have 7 blocks embroidered and none of the other sqs cut out...
You say you're knew, well 'welcome to Cute'! If you ever need anything just ask a Cutie. Everyone is always willing to share ideas and suggestions, like you did with the knife. Never thought about that. Don't ever feel awkward about asking or suggesting. Sometimes we think just because we know something everyone else does. Not true. We can always learn from each other.

sewpam by sewpam 28 Jun 2018

You are so right about learning from each other. I am learning so much on this site. This is my story about the electric knife. When freezing corn when I was a kid there was an assembly line with mom, two older sisters and myself. It was my job to keep the corn moving, to the hot water bath, to cold water for cooling and to the table to cut by mom and two sisters. After the sisters left home I was cutting and thought of an electric knife. Mom using the electric one and me being the teenager still doing it the old fashioned way. Later that season getting ready to do corn again, mom comes home from work with an electric knife for me to use. I knew she loved me.

toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2018

Great story. I really don't mind 'the old fashion way' because with my balance I'd probably trip over the cord and fall .

by dragonflyer 27 Jun 2018

Pheeeew....tired just reading about your day!

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toogie by toogie 27 Jun 2018

Then put your feet up and have a cool drink!

by Kampfzwerg 27 Jun 2018

Poor Dear, You in corn and I to the elbows in strawberries. Made a cheesecacke, 33 jars strawberry jam, 12 pd strawberry sherbet and 5l red currants juice, all with two grandsons on my apron strings. I needed two days to recover. Next to come are cherries, inbetween: gardening and sewing, no boredom. Hugs

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toogie by toogie 27 Jun 2018

Sounds like a 'normal day' to me!-lol-
um some fresh stawberries does sound good.....

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Jun 2018

With all that yet you still managed to get 5 squares done. You are amazing.

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toogie by toogie 27 Jun 2018

I do get more work done 'under pressure' but one day I feel like my pressure cooker (me) will explode!-lol

by sebsews 27 Jun 2018

WHEW! You make me want to take a nap! Hugs, Suzanna

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toogie by toogie 27 Jun 2018

Sounds good to me if only I could go to sleep and stay asleep!!!

by sewmadau 27 Jun 2018

The second picture is that the corn cooked and creamed. We only eat it on the cob.

Now after reading all that you did I am worn out. LOL You are one very busy lady and no wonder your family love you

graceandham by graceandham 27 Jun 2018

It's 6am here as I read this and it tires me out just reading this! Hope you have a calmer, slower paced day today.

toogie by toogie 27 Jun 2018

Betsey, if you call 'going to the funeral home to arrange you and your spouse funerals' a calmer day, then that is what we are dong this am. Prearranging everything so kids won't have to......not that either of us are in a hurry to use, mind you!-lol

sewmadau, Nora my almost 5 year old grand daughter would eat corn anyway you prepare it. However, the corn on the cob takes more freezer space and I didn't have room to kept it. I use this in my soups too, My whole family love soups.
I have added a photo, sorry it is blurred, at the top to show it cooked down.
It's really not 'creamed'. The second photo you're speaking of, was when I first put it on to cook.