by debbergman 25d ago

I just don't understand how to search for say TENT without going thru ever last design?


by rescuer Moderator 25d ago

Welcome to Cute!
There is a post here in the Q&A about searching this website. It works well but it takes some a few tries to get it. Searching for TENT returned zero results. I have added that search for you at the link. If you look a the link, you will see the followed by /designs and another /with the word TAG and then / followed by the word you wanted to search. If you change the word TENT (just the last word) to another search word you would like -- say DOLL or FACE -- you will get the results for DOLL or FACE

Let us know if you need more help.

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rescuer by rescuer 25d ago

Here are the results for FACE: