by toogie 17 Jun 2018

Hi Cuties!

My husband gathered his first veggies today. He was later than most here, planting his garden, but the Lord has blessed us with some much needed rains and it has helped tremendously.The picture of the squash plant was taken just 3 days ago and they filled out this much in 3 days to pick.
His garden is not too big, the rows are just about 60 feet long. Hoping to have okra, speckled butter beans and corn in the near future.
Tomato did not do well at all. Thank goodness a friend and one of our sister-in-laws gave us some. I made a pasta salad with the first tomatoes. My sister and her friend were in for about a week, so they came and ate with us twice. When I made the salad, they couldn't get enough. Nothing like a fresh tomato!


by lbrow 19 Jun 2018

Looks good Toogie. son law has about 3 acres planted and bringing me squash and cukes. Blue berries also have started coming in and they are so sweet. We brought several bushels of peaches coming back from the beach so I'll be helping peel peaches tomorrow. Daughter had hand surgery today and cannot use it for a while. They also dug potatoes at Grand daughters house yesterday evening so we've got a lot going on right now..

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toogie by toogie 19 Jun 2018

It all sounds and Is good. One of Dh's brothers gave us a box of potatoes and yesterday a nephew gave us about 25 pounds-Ashley came today and let her take some home with her when she left- traveling niece Eraine brought us blueberries. They have a grove and man picks on halves for them. Don't have any peaches, though yours sound good.
Did daughter have carpel tunnel? Which daughter?

by jrob Moderator 19 Jun 2018

Yummy. Nothing better than fresh veggies right from your own garden. I can look out my bedroom window directly into the rows of corn. Mike has a very green thumb.

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toogie by toogie 19 Jun 2018

Then I wish Mike would have planted our okra!!! DH planted 4 rows - 2 look good- replanted parts of the other 2 rows FOUR times and still the rows aren't filled out.
I hope the corn does well bc we all like corn . I bet it is a pretty site out your window!

by jenne 19 Jun 2018

your garden looks good , we have to much shade to grow much, we have had so much rain things are not doing good here in my little corner of the world.

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toogie by toogie 19 Jun 2018

It was too wet at first to plow & get ready to plant. Then it was so dry and hot. Now we are getting a few showers things are growing fast.

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Jun 2018

Last year I did not even have one zucchini. I am hoping for a better result this year. Looks as if you have a good size vegetable garden. Love the taste of my homegrown veggies.

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toogie by toogie 17 Jun 2018

That is how we are with the tomatoes, Angie. We won't have any unless they are given to us. He planted 16 or 18 plants and they all died. He bought more and replanted. I think there may be two still struggling to survive.
My traveling niece brought me some zucchini last week and cucumbers. My daughter planted a few zucchini and likes to grill them. She has a smaller garden, but enough for them, if everything makes well.
Nora brought me two cherry tomatoes off of 'her' plant, to show and then she ate them!-lol They did bring me a green bell pepper they picked, though.

by sewdeb 17 Jun 2018

Wow! You're sure way ahead of us up here in the recently thawed north - LOL! I was thrilled with my first tomato blossoms...

toogie by toogie 17 Jun 2018

My husband picked at me when I recovered a tomato he threw, when he pulled up the dying tomato plant. It was about the size of a golf ball but I brought it in, washed and ate it. It really was good! -lol-good luck with yours!!!

sewdeb by sewdeb 17 Jun 2018

Thanks! Looks like you're going to have a super year veggie-wise!!

by Janus48 17 Jun 2018

Oooohhh....Okra!!!! I'm a NewEnglander who just loves okra...about any way it's cooked....even boiled! Ha! is a lovely plant to grow just for the pretty blossoms. It doesn't like a colder climate though as I've tried to grow it several times. I almost crave black eyed peas and okra some times and have to just settle for the frozen store stuff. If you can...please post a pretty picture of okra blossoms so others can enjoy at least that part of okra. Thanks for your pictures.

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toogie by toogie 17 Jun 2018

The okra plant is not too big yet, but I'll try to remember. Look in the 2nd photo. He has 4 rows planted, after the row of cucumbers on the fence. Cucumbers are on the first outside row.
I cooked some purple hull peas one day last week, but no fresh okra. My daughter brought over a Walmart bag of peas to shell on the pea sheller. I told her we could shell them quicker by hand, no more than she had. It wasn't worth having to wash the sheller, afterwards.
My husband likes it just like you do any way you cook it but I don't care for it boiled. Too slimy!-lol- I smother fry it down and like to eat it with pinto beans and cornbread, or really anything-lol- My grands and kids too, like a vegetable soup.
I cooked shrimp etouffe and fried shrimp the other day, when my son and two grandsons came in. The 11 year old asked why I din't cook a vegetable soup!-lol-

by zoefzoef 17 Jun 2018

Great ! I m trying for pumpkins for the first time this year. Little plant are there yet... have to be patient..

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toogie by toogie 17 Jun 2018

It does take patience and a lot of faith. He planted the first week in May, so this is not bad to start getting some squash and cucumbers about 6 weeks later. I will be canning pickles before its over. With a row 60 feet long, we will be tired of cucumbers and won't be able to eat that many before they ruin, even giving some away.