by toogie ( edited 26 Jun 2018 ) 16 Jun 2018

Update below 06-26-Hello Cuties, I really didn't want to place this on the 'front page'...

I have just got started on my white quilt blocks, with the info. I used this font as it is rather bold and I liked it. It stitches well, not stalling and stitching over itself again and again. (I covered Ashley's children's last names to post) I stitched this one first to try out the font design and also to see if I could re-hoop and continue embroidering their names. I think I got it ok from side to side, but I do have a slightly larger space between Isabella and Avery's birth date and Nora's name. If I get the real block this close, I'm ok with that. I just don't have any marks to go by, when I re-hoop for a split design. She has the most kids, it takes two hoopings in my 5x7 ! -lol
This wreath I used on the other block is too dense, but I didn't know how to fix that. It looked good in my program, but it still stitched off in a couple places.

However, I first stitched a basting stitch all around (see 2nd photo), then stitched the 50th design with wreath. I seem to have puckers. Is there anyway to avoid that or will it be ok when the quilt is made up?
I wanted to stitch all the info blocks with the blue thread but it didn't look good with the gold wreath (reminded me of school colors) so I guess now I will use black on all of them...


by toogie 26 Jun 2018

I have taken Cuties advice and doubled my stabilizer, one going one way and the other, the opposite way.
I used a basting frame to secure each hooping, as I only have the 5x7 hoop and this is about 7 inch x 7 1/2 inch. I think I did better aligning the two hoopings this time too.
I have also starched my block, before embroidering.
I restitched the same block in black, as I have decided to stitch all my blocks in black lettering. See if you can tell a difference with puckering.

mops by mops 26 Jun 2018

It sure makes a difference. It will be so lovely when finished!

toogie by toogie 26 Jun 2018

Thanks mops and other Cuties for all the advice on this.

jrob by jrob 26 Jun 2018

I think you've solved your problem. Well done.

toogie by toogie 26 Jun 2018

I starched until it felt like paper!-lol-I embroidered 5 blocks today!

by jrob Moderator 23 Jun 2018

It's lovely. What a great start. I hope you keep editing this post so that we can see it progress.
I've had the puckering happen on small fonts also. I found that starching and using an iron on tear-away helps. I used the liquid starch that you put in the washing machine and went really heavy on my usage. Then I hung them to dry and ironed and then stitched.
I wish you good luck on this, but it's made with so much love I wouldn't even loose sleep worrying about it especially being on a quilt which tends to pucker after washing anyway.

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toogie by toogie 23 Jun 2018

That's what I thought too, once it's quilted it puckers up

by msenko 22 Jun 2018

May I ask the name of the font and where I may find it? I have to stitch a wedding couple name and date of wedding in tiny font. I would appreciate it.

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toogie by toogie 23 Jun 2018

It's a font in a program I have and just goes by numbers.

by lbrow 21 Jun 2018

Very good beginning Toogie!

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toogie by toogie 23 Jun 2018

Thanks Ms.Lillian.Hope you are refreshed from vacationing!

by worthy 20 Jun 2018

Toogie, the quilt will be such a treasure you need to make 5 so each child can inherit one. ;-)
It is going go be beautiful and a treasure as others have said. Cannot wait to see the whole..
Have enjoyed the sharing of others as to what they use. Thank you for getting the suggestions rolling.

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toogie by toogie 23 Jun 2018

Well not 5, as I only have 3 children and we're not even gonna start counting grands!-lol

by peafarm 19 Jun 2018

I forget to starch also. I've used layers of stabilizer but think to myself, this ads to the bulks under the letter stitching also. What I think happens is the stabilizer itself 'shrinks when pressed' This happens to me occasionally also with the puckers but only after I press when done.. Can you put it in software and change the density just a tad and then save the design. I've also tried lowering my top tension a bit, this seems to help. I really like using that tear away/wash away stabilizer so you don't cut away and still see stabilizer behind you fabric in a show thru. Everyone has their own little tips and tricks. Trial and errors, more errors on my trials. But this is going to be a treasure when done for sure.

toogie by toogie 20 Jun 2018

I'm afraid I don't understand how to change the density and I'm using tear-a-way stabilizer..... I haven't worked anymore on it.

peafarm by peafarm 20 Jun 2018

The tear away/wash away I think I bought at ThreadArt [if I am allowed to say that here] It tears away real good but stays under your stitches. I didn't know if you had software where you could load the design and then change the usual #4 density to #5 and try a bit to see if it does lighten up the font stitches a little. If not, no worries, it is going to be a great piece when you are done.

toogie by toogie 28 Jun 2018

I redid Ashley's block see above.

by sewtired 19 Jun 2018

A great start. Thanks for sharing, I love reading all the suggestions, maybe I can remember them when I get a chance to embroider again.

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toogie by toogie 20 Jun 2018

I like Cuties sharing too, what works and what doesn't.

by sebsews 18 Jun 2018

This is going to be one beautiful quilt when finished!

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toogie by toogie 18 Jun 2018

I know it will be a treasure IF and WHEN I get it done!

by sonjapotgieter 17 Jun 2018

Well done!!Beautiful!!!!

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toogie by toogie 17 Jun 2018

The thought may be...thanks

by pennyhal2 edited 17 Jun 2018

This will be fabulous and a family heirloom when it is done! Thanks for all the additional information. I learn a lot from you. As they have to learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.

While heavily starching the fabric will help, in stitching it out, once the starch is washed out, the embroidery sometimes will scrunch up around the lettering. If you use a cutaway stabilizer, the fabric will carry the stitches better, but leave the project too stiff and add weight. What I usually do is to add two layers of washaway stabilizer on top and on the bottom. This gives the stitches a little extra room to relax and not bunch up.

On the bottom, I use temporay spray glue to hold the layers of wss and hoop it and the fabric. I do not use any glue for the top two layers and just lay them on top. I usually just pin the wss to the top. If you want to use up wss scraps, you can use them for the first top layer, but you need to put a solid piece of the wss for the very top layer. The scraps can get caught by the machine's foot if you us small scraps and ruin your project unless you sit right there and fix the problem immediately if it happens. It doesn't matter if the wss gets little folds or bunches in places. It just washes out.

I find that each machine has its own personality. What works for one machine or works for me doesn't always work for others. Type of fabric, brand of thread, how the machine stitches, the density, etc. can make very small differences and shows up as a problem for one person, but work beautifully for another.

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toogie by toogie 17 Jun 2018

I didn't want to use cut a way. Like you said its too stiff for my quilt and don't want it to show through the white. I will try layering my stabilizers

by RodnickBiljon 17 Jun 2018

I would starch and use more stabilizer otherwise such a great idea

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toogie by toogie 17 Jun 2018

Thank you

by spendlove Moderator 17 Jun 2018

Toogie, starch your fabric before you stitch. It will help. The font you are using looks dense, could you try a less dense one?

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toogie by toogie 17 Jun 2018

I should have starched, just can't seem to think nowadays. The reason I liked this font I can SEE it well.......I wish that wreath was less dense...I don't relish embroidering it over......

by babash 17 Jun 2018

Have you tried doing a test run with 2 sheets of stabilizer one going the length of the hoop and the other going the width of the hoop? This might stop the puckers. I am not an expert but it was a hint I was given one time.
Looking good with your idea so far.

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toogie by toogie 17 Jun 2018

I do need to try layering like you say and starching....I sometimes don't think lately....thanks.