by lbrow 7d ago

1. Myself, Caleb and Abby.

2. Abby and I we were all having lunch at LULU 'S Got to admit we all love the beach.


by katydid 4d ago

love your photos.

by toogie 4d ago

We could be twins! I usually have pairs of glasses/sunglasses on face and head like you!!-lol
Beautiful photos of everything God created, especially you! (love those clouds in the sky)

by dailylaundry 5d ago

Oh, Lillian, your Grands are the cutest!! Happy you are enjoying your trip!! Thanks for sharing!!

by sebsews 5d ago

Lovely pictures of lovely ones! I am glad you are having a great time1 Hugs, Suzanna

by shirley124 6d ago

Great to see you are all enjoying the beach. Hugs

by cfidl 7d ago


by gerryvb 7d ago

thank you for sharing the lovely pictures, and great you have so much together...I love the beach and the sea too. I grew up near the beach, still miss it. Enjoy the time you can spend together!

by kustomkuddle 7d ago

Beautiful pictures. Hope you are able to relax and refresh. Looks like a wonderful time!

by crafter2243 Moderator 7d ago

Love to see those pictures. I can almost smell the sea. I hope you will continue to have a great time.

by graceandham 7d ago

Don't forget to bring back a milk jug of sea water for healing little cuts and boo-boos! Looks like such fun down there.

by jrob Moderator 7d ago

Love the photos! I know that ya'll are going to have such a wonderful time. The beach just allows me to slow down and breathe in perfect sync with the waves and settle myself. I hope you can too. Love and hugs!