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by jerrib ( edited 9d ago ) 9d ago

Dear Cuties:

I just received these two towels from our dear Cute friend Chris Pennifold.

They are visiting my part of the world.

Unfortunately I am not able to meet them as I am going to my friends's daughter's 50th Birthday when Trev and Chris are back in Vancouer.

Thank you so much Chris, they are beautiful and of course my favourite animal, the Koala.

I didn't post anything, but thought I would let you all know that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on my left side. I decided to have a double mastectomy. That was done on Feb 26th. I had no problems with the surgery, but did get an infection. I did not have to have Chemo or radiation, but decided to do 4 treatments of Chemo as an extra precaution. I just had round #3 and #4 will be in 3 weeks. I have not had many side effects and am feeling great.

I do visit Cute daily and look at all your wonderful projects and messages. I love to leave flowers to you all.




by peafarm 3d ago

Wonderful gift from a wonderful lady. Wishing all the best and prayers sent your way-Where would we be without our Heavenly Father?? This is a great site to be able to go to and even ask for prayers and know all these ladies are actually praying. I am a breast cancer survivor since 1991--stage 2-3--had chemo and radiation. I prayed for a great understanding and intelligent Dr. from surgeon to hematologist and felt they truly gave me what I needed.

by meganne 3d ago

Always in my thoughts dear friend. xxxxx

by raels011 3d ago

Glad to hear you are on the mend

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by jrob Moderator edited 4d ago

Jerri, I could have sworn that I had posted on this thread, but apparently I was wrong. I have been praying for you and your complete remission and speedy recovery.
Your towels from Chris are lovely. She is very thoughtful and I just know that the two of you are disappointed at not being able to meet up. That would have won the prize for the longest distance of Cuties coming together.
I hope that it is very soon that you are finished with your treatments and can continue with your life without interruptions. Love and hugs!

by airyfairy 4d ago

You really are a trooper Jerri. Hope you continue to get better. Sorry that you could not meet Chris and Trevor.

by toogie 4d ago

Jerri, I am so glad to hear you say how great you feel. I wish you good health and complete remission. Your towels are lovely and thoughtful too of Chris to remember what you like. She is always very generous and thoughtful.

by dailylaundry 5d ago

You have been through a lot, Jerri - so happy you have done so well with all the treatments! Bless your heart, it must have been a scary time for you! These towels from Chris are so sweet! How kind of her! Take good care and keep us updated on how you are!! Loads of hugs, Laura

by sebsews 5d ago

First of all, I think you have made the right choices of treatment for your breast cancer. I pray you continue to heal, attitude has a lot to do with healing. Second, I love the towels from Chris. She is such a nice lady. Hugs, Suzanna

by cfidl 8d ago

How wonderful for you. Beautiful part of the world up there for sure! I say a prayer that all is well for you regarding your news. God Bless!

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Thank you for your kind words and prayers.

by laurasomi 8d ago

Dear Jerri, i am glad that you are feelin great after all you went through,

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Thank you Gabi. I can't complain at all.

by gerryvb 8d ago

what a lovely surprise. and so good to read you are recovering. Prayers are coming your way, and hugs too )))

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Yes, it was a lovely surprise and so kind of Chris. Thank you for your prayers and hugs.

by kustomkuddle 8d ago

Your towels are beautiful. What an honor to receive such a beautiful gift. Cute friends are wonderful. Sending prayers for continued healing.

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Thank you for your prayers..hugs

by dragonflyer 8d ago

They are beautiful, Jerri...Chris is such a gem! I can only imagine the ordeal you have been through these past few months...glad you are on the mend and almost through with your treatments...

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Thank you Kim:
I really can't complain on the last 6 months. I have not had a lot of side effects, just a lot of appointments, but 1 more treatment and I can get my life back on track.

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by pennifold edited 8d ago

Good morning Jerri, Trev and I are in our motel room at Kamloops just filling in time till we go downstairs to catch the bus to the train station. We are so impressed with the organisation of The Rocky Mountaineer group.
So happy that you received the towels so fast. When I posted them on Monday they said you wouldn’t get them till today (Wednesday).
Have a wonderful time with your friends. Love Chris

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Thank you again, Chris. I am so happy you are having a wonderful time, in my beautiful Province.
I was surprised to receive them so fast as well.
I am looking forward to getting away, even if it is only for a few days. I am getting anxious to be free of all the appointments and get back to living a normal life again.

by basketkase 8d ago

Chris did a beautiful job and what a wonderful surprise for you! I am so happy to hear that you are doing so praying for your continued recovery....blessings on yoh, Jerri

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Thank you so much Vickie. I am thankful for my good fortune and pray it will continue. I love the towels and especially that Chris made them for me. We have been Cute friends for a long while, so they mean a lot to me.

by graceandham 8d ago

Added you into my prayer list tonight for long term great result! The towels are beautiful - Chris is always thoughtful.

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Thank you so much. I know the power of Cute Prayers. I am thinking positively and looking forward to a long healthy life. Yes Chris is always there for Cuties...

by crafter2243 Moderator 8d ago

Cuties are the best. How nice of Chris to make these for you.
I am glad to know that the cancer treatment went without bad side affects.

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Thank you. Chris knows my love of Koala's and yes they are the best. Receiving them today just brightened my day.

by rescuer Moderator 8d ago

Thank you for updating us on your health. I'm so glad you are tolerating the treatments well. Lovely towels!

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jerrib by jerrib 8d ago

Thank you Rescuer...I have no complaints at all.
Hugs back.