by spendlove Moderator 7d ago

Ugly quilt made from scraps. I've seen some amazing "scrap" quilts posted here made with beautifully colour coordinated fabrics. This isn't one of them!

The blocks are pieced onto 21 cm squares of scrap paper. The size was decided as it is the biggest square which can be cut from a sheet of A4.
For each piece of fabric I picked up, I asked 3 questions. Is it big enough? Does it "go"? Is it any good for anything else? If the answers were "yes", "no" and "no", I used the fabric.
The picture shows it all stitched together with the paper still in.
I have now ripped out most of the paper and the whole thing is soaking in the bath to wash out the rest. (I hope.)


by sebsews 3d ago

I do not understand any of this but I sure do think it is beautiful! Hugs, Suzanna

by sewtired 5d ago

It is not an ugly quilt, it is a retro quilt. It may not be an "Art" quilt, but it has it's own beauty and serves the original purpose of the quilt. It saves resources by using materials on hand. Well done!

by kustomkuddle 5d ago

I like the quirkiness of it. It is unique. Anything that has as much time in it as this quilt, is beautiful.

by bielie 7d ago

Love your crazy quilt! Instead of sewing on paper, I cut squares of batting and sew on that, gives it a quilted look. You can decorate the seams at the same time and have a completed block at the end.

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spendlove by spendlove 6d ago

That is how I would have done them ITH.

by sandralochran 7d ago

Love it

by Smokey12 7d ago

I love it and such a great use of scraps. I usually make rugs with mine but I have finished a top that is ready to long arm all made of scraps.

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by sewdeb edited 5d ago

Not ugly at all- there's enough of the purple-ish blue, navy and that hot pink to tie it all together. And I bet you're thrilled to have made a dent in your scrap bag.

spendlove by spendlove 6d ago

Not a very big dent!

sewdeb by sewdeb 5d ago

LOL! I think the only way to deal with my stash is to set fire to it! :-/

by clintonmiss22 7d ago

Not ugly! Useful. Reminds of the quilts my grandmother made. Nothing was wasted and they kept you warm at night. I could usually pick out some of my clothes in the squares.

by queenofhearts 7d ago

I don't think it is at all ugly. It makes me think of one I had when I was a child when nothing was ever wasted.

by graceandham 7d ago

I very much like the result and your questions are very helpful to those of us out here sorting scraps. My quilting buddy gives me her scraps that are too small and I use them in applique. It's all in the perspective.

by crafter2243 Moderator 7d ago

Actually I love it and do not find it ugly at all. I think it is very cheerful

by mops Moderator 7d ago

Ugly scraps or not, it looks well harmonised now that everything is stitched together.
I once was at a 3-week weaving retreat (back in 1961, actually) where we were asked to pick , from a huge grab box) a piece of fabric in a colour we hated and make a collage using it and come up with something we liked. Never forgot that lesson, although I have not got many scraps in a colour I don't like :)

I often use 21 cm blocks a lot for the same reason.

spendlove by spendlove 7d ago

Great minds think alike! I have to say that many of these fabrics don't really float my boat, but I do know where they all came from.

Smokey12 by Smokey12 7d ago

Looks great, I make a lot of rugs from scraps and have a quilt from them that is ready for the long arm. Great use of scraps :)

maymason1 by maymason1 7d ago

love it