by SUEF 10 Jun 2018

Hello, I wondered if anyone could help me locate a free design I saved that was to make a small ID type card for a child, and it had a small three sided pocket done with a blanket stitch to add their photo, and one of the versions I downloaded had a small airplane on it. I was thinking it would be like a pilot license. I appreciate your assistance, as I have searched using key words to try to locate the file, to no avail! I suspect I may have not renamed the file with any of the key words I have tried. If anyone knows where I may have downloaded it from, I may be able to find it quickly with that information, Thank you very much! Sue


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by sewdeb edited 11 Jun 2018

Hi, Sue! I believe what you're looking for is what I filed under the name "ITH Kinderausweise". It's from Tanja-macht's designs. I hope this helps.


SUEF by SUEF 11 Jun 2018

Thank you SO much! That is exactly the design I was trying to find! I am very grateful for your help! :) Sue

sewdeb by sewdeb 11 Jun 2018

Oh good! I'm glad I could help!

airyfairy by airyfairy 20 Jun 2018

Cutie to the rescue again. Well done