by jenne 12d ago

My son bought a second hand (BMW) Down low where the drivers legs rest was a burned hole and scuffed up, but the good news is that piece is a separate part, so he purchase some grey heavy leather (it is a bit lighter) he took off the old piece and I sewed it. it had three pieces with some heavy plastic strips along the edge.

sorry about the shadow on piece it is the drivers wheel.


by jenne 7d ago

He (my son) bought some leather stain It is the same color not only a little different type of leather.

by katydid 11d ago

Oh , My now you will be in high demand for seat covers. My sweetie's friends pay big bucks for new seat cover in the private airplanes. Perhaps you have a new calling.

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jenne by jenne 7d ago

Ok, ready to start any day. hehhe

by dragonflyer 11d ago

Well done, Jenne...lucky to have an upholstery machine, too!

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jenne by jenne 7d ago

yes, I love it but I has it for 20 yr, still sew great really as good as it did when I first bought it.

by sebsews 11d ago

Great job!

by kustomkuddle 12d ago

Awesome job. I don't think leather is easy to sew!

by pennifold 12d ago

You have done an awesome job on this Jenne. I assume you had to use a leather needle to sew through that fabric!! Great job, I bet your son thought it was fabulous. My husband has had BMW's for years now too. Love Chris

jenne by jenne 11d ago

I have an upholstery machine, so sewing the leather is breeze on it.

katydid by katydid 11d ago

What brand makes the upholstery machine? Just curious.

by sewdoctor 12d ago

Good job!

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jenne by jenne 12d ago

Thanks, I think it came out grea.t