by basketkase ( edited 28 May 2018 ) 28 May 2018

A couple designs that make me happy..........I will make sure a customer that has both dog & cat get this bag....

They are called Word Dog and Word Cat and they will be up on my website tonight......Something is going wonky with my needle that I sew white on.....I changed the needle and it is still shredding my can see on the dog I had to change to my silver colored needle to finish the design......mmmm, will have to investigate this one........I think I got my white fixed, it worked fine on the Here Puppy 13 and Here Kitty 13...
These will all be up on my website tonight....


by kustomkuddle 30 May 2018

Awesome designs as always! Love the Cat/Dog with their tails wagging!

by noah 30 May 2018

love them hugs

by sonjapotgieter 28 May 2018

Too cute and Adorable!!!Great designs

by pennyhal2 28 May 2018

it's difficult to find cat/dog combo designs instead of having to choose one or the other. These are great and people who have both will love them.