by cindymae68 28 May 2018

hello cuties

I have been contemplating the process of digitizing my own designs. with so many programs out there, I'm not sure where to start first. I have had a gentleman ask for a specific design that I cannot seem to find anywhere. So, I'm looking into creating it myself. what is the best soft ware programs to use? and at what level should I begin on?


by mops Moderator 30 May 2018

I am one of the Embird lovers, although I have had Husqvarna software since 1998 I prefer the ease of Embird. Quite often I combine using both to get exactly what I want.
To digitise you usually need more than a basic programme, Embird is not too expensive and the upgrades are most often free, the last one cost only $20. Quite a different story with the HV/Pfaff software: updates every three years or so and for the complete package (which you need for digitising) was some €900. So I stuck to the 6D I have.

Do not go for auto-digitising, the result are mostly rather disappointing.

The learning curve is rather high, especially if you have never used graphic software. As dragonflyer said you can download Embird for a trial version and have a go at Studio to play with the tools. Or have a look at their free tutorials - you might get an idea of what's involved.

by dragonflyer 28 May 2018

There are many digitizing programs available in a number of price ranges...your budget may play a part in your decision. Many Cuties use Embird as their go-to digitizing program and it can be purchased in modules as you need them. I have Janome Digitizer 5, Floriani FTCU and Palette 9...I also have Embird Basic and Iconizer which I use for editing some designs and viewing designs on my computer. I use mainly the Janome Digitizer 5 as my go-to digitizing program, however, the upgrades for it are pricey! Floriani offers upgrades free for life which is a bonus and Embird upgrades are very inexpensive. This might impact your decision. It also depends upon what kind of "digitizing" you really want to do. I do not recommend Palette or PE Design as I find them difficult to use compared to other programs...Whatever you decide, make sure you get lots of education support. Also, I would recommend that you get a thorough demonstration of each if you can...many offer 30 day trials at no charge so you can get the feel for the program before you invest. Embird and Wilcom Hatch both offer free trials as do some others. There is a lot if information on YouTube that you can watch and I would suggest doing that before you purchase anything...Good Luck with your decision and keep us posted!

graceandham by graceandham 28 May 2018

Dragonflyer's info is very good, to which I would add, you are months from digitizing the gentleman's design and would need about 2000 more customers like him to pay you to do the necessary learning. It might be easier to recommend an established digitizer. Cute sisters who digitize include basketkase and spendlove. Cuties, help me with other names!

graceandham by graceandham 29 May 2018

Mops.also digitizes.

mariahail by mariahail 30 May 2018

sometimes I do little digitizing with my singer futura, very easy, but looking into getting the embird soon. I hope it is not very difficult.