by sdrise 20 May 2018

Hi everyone.. Just checking in. I had my last round of chemo Friday Yeah.... Now to get through these side effects this week.

I have three weeks off. I go June 5 th for 3 D mapping of my body and tattoos I start radiation 7 weeks every day along with Herceptin IV every 21 days for 13 more treatments. at the same time as radiation.
I am glad this round is over I have had a lot of side effects to deal with. Hopefully this next round will be easier on my body and me
Thank you all for your continued prayers. I could not have gotten through this first round with all you support.
Thanks.... love to all of you !! Suzanne!!


by sharonleekesner 21 May 2018

Blessings and healing prayers I say for you. Strength, faith and love for you and those that support you.

by pennifold 20 May 2018

Hi Suzanne, wow what a lot you have been put through and still to go. I pray that your side effects will lessen. I am praying for you and your medical team too. May God watch over you and keep you in His loving arms. Love Chris

by dragonflyer 20 May 2018

Glad this one is behind you, Suzanne...keep the faith...stay strong!

by kustomkuddle 20 May 2018

It is good to hear from you Suzanne. You have been in our prayers, and will continue to be. It sounds as though you are very busy with your treatments. Sending hugs.

by peafarm 20 May 2018

Praying for your recovery--I am a Survivor since 1991 of breast cancer--having had chemo, radiation and about 4 more tumors removed which were thankfully and gratefully benign. Firm believer in Prayer and Jesus Christ's healing powers!

by gerryvb 20 May 2018

first round is over, prayers will continue, and lots of hugs are coming your way

by rachap 20 May 2018

Best of luck to you, may the time pass quickly with complete healing close behind!

by lbrow 20 May 2018

Suzanne, prayers have continued and I think of you so much. Keep up the good spirit, it does help! Will be so glad when they tell us both " it's all over. You are well, No More Treatments".

by cfidl 20 May 2018

Wishing you the best 3 weeks ever!

by basketkase 20 May 2018

So happy to hear from you, Suzanne! I think of you daily and send you positive vibes all the time. Am so proud of you and your strong resolve to get through this trying time. I pray for speedy recovery from chemo and pray the next round of treatments are not as harsh.....stay positive and got this! Much love...

by rescuer Moderator 20 May 2018

Thank you for updating us. I hope you will feel better soon and that the side effects will lessen with each passing day. You are strong! Find a reason to laugh each day. Eat good foods (even if they all taste bad) and get good rest. My prayers will continue to include you.

by sewdeb 20 May 2018

Congrats on the last round of chemo! I'll continue praying for you. Hugs*, Deb

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 May 2018

I am glad that this part is over. My prayers for you continue. Hugs