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by dollygk ( edited 19 May 2018 ) 19 May 2018

Today is the royal wedding, you can watch live on youtube if interested!! Just search "Royal Wedding" in youtube.


by jrob Moderator 20 May 2018

It was a beautiful affair and I was so happy that it contained aspects of her heritage. Bishop Michael Curry from America preached one of the best gospel sermons I have ever heard. He rocked Windsor. The theme of his sermon was "The Power Of Love." I hope the world heard what he said. There is great power in Love, for God is Love.

by babash 19 May 2018

That old saying "Less is More" sure is corrected when you look at how classy she looked. The dress was simple it was outstanding and her make up was so natural almost to the point of none.
So pleased the weather was fine for all the people who lined up for days to see it happen in front of them.

by jofrog2000 19 May 2018

I started at 5am et. A beautiful day with a beautiful bride. Here, it is raining-again-and not up to 50° even.

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by mops Moderator edited 19 May 2018

We were lucky as we could just watch BBC1.
I loved the simplicity of the dress.

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graceandham by graceandham 19 May 2018

Didn't we all have fun. I wanted to put the magnifying glass from Cute over the lace at the end of the veil!

by lilylady 19 May 2018

Watching the wedding now. 6 a.m.