by basketkase 9d ago

I want to wish every mother a Very Happy Mothers Day!!

Blessings on all the mothers who nurture, love, protect and teach kindness and goodness to all humankind!
I also wish blessings on mothers who care for and protect all the living creatures we live amongst for they are also unsung heroes..... Love to all who deserve to be thanked each and every day for their own sacrifices so others may have a better life!!! And to all of us who have lost our loving mothers, may we all hang onto the hope of being reunited with them some day!! This is my momma and I will be with her again some day.....


by jrob Moderator 7d ago

Isn't she lovely? If you get there before I do, save me a seat. :)

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basketkase by basketkase 7d ago

You can build your house right next to mine!!!

by lbrow 8d ago

How beautiful she was. You can see the love in her eyes.

by graceandham 8d ago

Wowie, you have some good genes to lean on! She is so pretty.

by arisann 8d ago

WoW what a beautiful Mother, she looks so precious. I know you miss her but she is love right there in your heart-forever! Now you yourself have a Happy Mother's Day and God bless you!!

by kustomkuddle 8d ago

What a beautiful lady. Her kindness and compassion show in her expression. It is not hard to see where you got yours from. Moms are very special people. Happy Mother's day to you.

by pennifold 8d ago

Such a lovely shot of your beloved Mum Vicki. Thanks for sharing this picture. Such beautiful words in your post. Love Chris

by gerryvb 9d ago

Happy Mother's Day, for all mother's of children and/ or animals. Thank you for sharing the picture of your mom. Hugs, Gerry

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basketkase by basketkase 9d ago

I was shocked when she sent us the picture as I have never known my mom to wear makeup, other than lipstick....Glamour shots came to her place of employment and all the women did it.....