by sandy38001 12d ago

Hi, can anyone resize a design for me? I accidently bought an 8x14 size but need a 6x10 and a 5x7?



by mops Moderator edited 12d ago

Having some one do it for you would involve sharing the design, which is against the rules and regulations of almost any site and thus is illegal. What you could do is download Truesizer (or another free programme) and try resizing it yourself. It might turn out less than perfect when downsizing as much as you want to - details might give problems and there might appear gaps as overlaps to avoid those are downsized as well and become too narrow to compensate pull. Make sure you set it to keep density constant (as opposed to keeping the stitch count the same).

In future please place questions not concerning this site in the community section. Not only does it keep things organised, but you are more likely to get answers there.

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rescuer by rescuer 12d ago

Asking the original digitizer to help with the size is also a possibility.