by rsehorse 09 May 2018

This little cutie was so quick and easy to stitch out. It has movable joints and a magnet under his tongue so he can hold a bone.


by pennyhal2 11 May 2018

Wow! Your sure have a fantastic result! Some special person will really enjoy this little doggy.

by vickiannette 10 May 2018

Please tell me how high does this little pup stand? he is lovely

rsehorse by rsehorse 11 May 2018

Sitting like this it is about 8 inches tall. I used a 5x7 hoop . There is also a larger size for an 8x12 hoop. The design is from Planet Applique.

joann1 by joann1 11 May 2018

Love it I bought dog and cat hope she is just as cute . love your work

by devon 10 May 2018

Love it great job !!!!!!

by sonjapotgieter 10 May 2018

So Gorgeous!!!!! Awesome design!!!

by dailylaundry 10 May 2018

Oh my - toooooooo cute!

by mariahail 10 May 2018

love it!!!!!!!!!*****************************

by katydid 09 May 2018

This is precious!

by basketkase 09 May 2018

How cute he is! Great job...

by dragonflyer 09 May 2018

Well done, Susan...what did you use for the joints?

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rsehorse by rsehorse 11 May 2018

I used plastic doll joints. They can be purchased at Hobby Lobby. I lucked out and found a bunch of them at a thrift store for 25 cents a package.

by kustomkuddle 09 May 2018

I made this dog, but yours turned out much better than mine. I still haven't finished it. Can't seem to get the joints tight enough. Maybe ther is hope for a second try.LOL

QnBee by QnBee 10 May 2018

Where did you get the design?

kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 10 May 2018

Planet Applique.

by toogie 09 May 2018

You are great with all your stuffies! My little Gus would sure give him a hug.

by babash 09 May 2018

What a lovely expression on it's face.
Well done he looks great.

by alabamasal 09 May 2018

Where did you get this pattern?

pcteddyb by pcteddyb edited 09 May 2018

It may be from Planet Applique - it looks very similar to one from there

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 10 May 2018

Looks very similar to the one at Planet Applique...I think you are correct...

rsehorse by rsehorse 11 May 2018

Yes, it is from Planet Applique. There is also a dog carrier and package of dog bones included in the design.

by pennifold 09 May 2018

Oh! this is just so adorable Susan, well done. Love Chris