by Harrow 16d ago

Is there a difference in the designs available on Cute Alphabet membership versus the Cute Embroidery membership?

As well, does Cute Embroidery have Rose embossed font available? Thank you


by rescuer Moderator 16d ago

Banner ads are large ads that cover all or part of the page just under the navigation tabs or above them -- depending on the ad and the website. I have highlighted the areas in the banner ad that show which website the ad is for.
You will find thew Community here very welcoming and helpful. Chris has given some good advice.
A hint for Cute Alphabet website's collections. If they are available on a sister website, they will mention that in the pack as well as have a link to the sister site.

by pennifold 16d ago

Hi Harrow, there is no membership available on Cute Alphabet. The only memberships available are here on Cute Embroidery and Amazing Embroidery Designs.

You would get more answers if you go to the COMMUNITY heading at the top of the page here and place your question. This section of the Q&A is only for questions on how to navigate this site.

The Rose embossed font is only available on CUTE ALPHABETS.

I hope this helps you out, but please have a look at the posts here on the Q&A to see how to ask questions etc. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

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Harrow by Harrow 16d ago

Thank you for your reply. With respect to a membership to cute alphabet - when one is on the website and looks at the top right corner of the page, there is advertisement for one to buy a membership or renew a membership. It was not clear that this was for cute embroidery and not cute alphabet which is where I was getting mixed up.