by mops Moderator 07 May 2018

Made some small pouches as well. The (recycled) denim started as a 7" square, the other two as a 9" square of upholstery fabric. Those were unlined and have rather raw edges.

The denim ones have a thin quilted lining. I decorated the on my sewing machine, the one on the right all over.


by genin 26 May 2018

Beautiful !

by lbrow 24 May 2018

Love them Martine!

by jenne 08 May 2018

Neat, love working with denim.

by shirley124 07 May 2018

Very nice. Hugs

by kustomkuddle 07 May 2018

Love how you were able to use the decorative stitches. Gives them a unique look. Very nicely done.

by toogie 07 May 2018

The decoative stitches really accomplish what they are meant to do, decorate ! They look very nice. Love the denim, always a favorite. Thank you again for explaining the how-to.

by sewdeb 07 May 2018

These are great! I have lots of denim that needs being used - this would be the perfect start!

by cooperal 07 May 2018

Love the up-cycled denim. I love working with used denim because it is so soft and a great background for embroidery and those wonderful stitches that are inbuilt on our machines and so often forgotten. The upholstery fabric would certainly have some body to it. Well done and thanks for sharing. Blessings, Avis

by stork 07 May 2018

Love how they all turned out. We have been given a multitude of upholstery fabrics that were samples and these might be the right idea! I need some other ideas for their use too.

by dragonflyer 07 May 2018

Nicely recycled denim...