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by rescuer Moderator ( edited 19 May 2018 ) 03 May 2018

Edit: May 19, 2018 I received my order -- just as it was described online. Woot! Another good place to shop online. :)

Have any of you ever ordered from a company called: Aiming for Accuracy Pattern Co.? They have a button sister site that is called: I Love Buttons Etc. I am thinking about placing an order with them -- but shipping is a LOT. I just don't want it to be one of those places that will finally send you your paid item in months or worse...


by babash 04 Dec 2018

I am bringing this up to the top.
I ordered from this site I love buttons mentioned above by Rescuer in May 2018 and got every excuse under the sun as to why my parcel never arrived. Then was told a second one was sent only to be told the person helping out hadn't posted it. In the end I contacted Pay Pal as it was 5 months and I was being asked to wait a few more weeks to see if it arrives. I am patient but every time it was a different reason
So I am saying buyer beware of this site and only order through Pay Pal.

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rescuer by rescuer 04 Dec 2018

Wow! It is almost like it was a different company... Thank you for warning Cuties!

by pennifold 20 May 2018

That's great news rescuer. I'm glad your parcel arrived safe and sound. Love Chris

by rescuer Moderator 19 May 2018

I received my order and everything is just as it described online. It seems to be a great place to get cute buttons and other sewing items. I am so glad too as packages in the mail are like Christmas for me!

babash by babash 19 May 2018

I am pleased you got your parcel so quick and it was as shown and described online.
Always nice to update posts so other Cuties know of good places to buy from.

rescuer by rescuer 19 May 2018

Thank you for reminding me to edit my post.

rescuer by rescuer 05 Aug 2018

I should mention that the fabric clips they offer are not high quality. They are not flat on one side and they are difficult to open without hearing them crack.

by babash 17 May 2018

I have received an Email about my order. Explaining that it will take a while to get here by surface mail 4 to 12 weeks. The cost to send by air mail is way too high. I am happy to wait for it to get here. Nice to be given the opportunity to have it faster.
Now all we have to do is get Canada to make the postage cheaper for businesses in Canada to sell online. I am sure it must be hard for a lot of them to compete.

by katydid 15 May 2018

Don't know of them. Sorry.

by babash 15 May 2018

I haven't had an Email as yet to say mine is on the way. It is 5 days since I ordered but allowing for Mothers Day it might be the reason why it has not shipped yet.
I hope it is posted soon as the Postal system can take 30 Days at times.

by rescuer Moderator 15 May 2018

So, I inquired about a tracking number for my order and although I was sent an email with "Your Order Has Shipped" -- today I received this message:
"I'm really sorry, but I had an unexpected family emergency come up, and all orders were delayed. Hopefully yours will arrive next week. Sorry, but I don't have a tracking number"

So, I think this will be one of those websites where we must watch and wait to see what happens...

by babash 14 May 2018

I placed an order on Saturday for buttons from the sister site I Love Buttons etc.
Found the postage to be no worse than a lot of sites for shipping to Australia.
Will let you know how it goes. There was a message at the bottom of the page saying you can pay directly with your credit card and it is safe. This way the seller gets more money than if you go through Pay Pal as they don't have to pay a fee.
I opted to go through Pay Pal as I always do when shopping online.

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rescuer by rescuer 14 May 2018

I ordered and the package is on its way. I am not sure how long it will take -- but I will update this post when I know more. I too used PayPal.

by babash 04 May 2018

Never heard of them either but the Button site has some lovely Buttons.
Couldn't work out what country they are in.

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pennifold by pennifold 04 May 2018

Hi Barbara, if it's the one I looked at they are at 1A-134 York Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 1K8 (Canada), You are right they have some fabulous buttons. Maybe some of our Canadian cuties know of "I Love Buttons, Etc." Love Chris

by dragonflyer 03 May 2018

I have never heard of this site before...there is a Facebook group...perhaps you could gain some more information about the site from there...

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rescuer by rescuer edited 04 May 2018

Edit: Actually, that is where I discovered them. Not much can be seen from the FB page -- except sales.
Good idea. I will see what I can gather without joining.
If a Cutie has had experience with them, I would love to hear about it.