Colors: 1 

Letter A

Design #: 10690795
Price: $1.97
Design Details
Size (in): 1.06"(w) x 0.98"(h)
Size (mm): 27 x 25
Stitches: 400
Colors: 1 Color Chart: View | Print
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stitchfont a
leenadvt by leenadvt 08 May 2018

Thank you

JKRCVR by JKRCVR 08 May 2018

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Atisor by Atisor 08 May 2018

Merci beaucoup !!!

Sergick by Sergick 08 May 2018

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Aletta1956 by Aletta1956 08 May 2018

Thank you. Very interesting font.

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beluga by beluga 08 May 2018

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zzshtik by zzshtik 08 May 2018

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yvonneburkett by yvonneburkett 08 May 2018

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sanpay by sanpay 07 May 2018

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robinbird by robinbird 07 May 2018

An adorable letter A design& thanks for sharing it. :~D

smudge7 by smudge7 07 May 2018

Thank you!

cozzy by cozzy 07 May 2018

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joy59 by joy59 07 May 2018

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LuciS by LuciS 07 May 2018


CurleyJ by CurleyJ 07 May 2018

Take advantage of the Happy Mother's Day sale ($24.00 for 6 months) and then you can download as many designs as you want! I have already downloaded the entire alphabet. Believe me when I day it's a great deal!

Helili by Helili 07 May 2018


Jirina by Jirina 07 May 2018

thank you

Miriamontiveroscelis by Miriamontiveroscelis 07 May 2018

Thank you! so much!

anika19 by anika19 07 May 2018


tilde01 by tilde01 07 May 2018

castabritt, C was digitized as it is in the comlete set that you can purchase.

patmoss1 by patmoss1 07 May 2018

I know all designs are free and am very appreciative of them
Was just confused not knowing this was going to be our new font
Designer does fabulous work have used her designs lots of times

castabritt by castabritt 07 May 2018

C was not yet digitized so you couldn't vote on it. I am sure our GENEROUS host is digitzing as we speak. Remember these are all FREE!!!!! designs and may not appear as quickly as you want.

peafarm by peafarm 07 May 2018

Will 'C' be next--already have A and B---B was yesterday, Sunday May 6 EST USA

peafarm by peafarm 07 May 2018

I already downloaded A, B of this font--shows A today again but someone was already asking about 'D'---C was supposed to be today if in order. What happened--this is getting a little confusing.

patmoss1 by patmoss1 07 May 2018

C was new design at 9:00 central standard time voting was on a which we received this last week
Are we changing to this as our new font

jarca by jarca 06 May 2018


hjreid by hjreid 06 May 2018

Thank you.

craft6767 by craft6767 06 May 2018

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Thank you, very different.

1penny by 1penny 05 May 2018

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