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by pennifold ( edited 03 May 2018 ) 01 May 2018

Just had to share this magnificent sunrise. After an eventful walk - a Rottweiler attacked a dachshund and I eventually got hold of him and rang the owners (5.50am!!) the man was at work and the wife had to come and get the dog. It had never done anything like that before. I hope the 14 year old dachshund is ok. I’m still shaking! I had to hold onto the dog with all of my might as the poor older man got hold of the dachshund. The owner of the Rottweiler was so upset - me too. I’m going to have a shower and I’m covered in slobber. Love Chris


by cfidl 07 May 2018

Wow! Bless you for jumping in and saving the day. Thanks for the update and will look for the resolution. Have a great day!

by toogie 04 May 2018

I am glad to hear the incident wasn't any worse than it was. Dogs can be vicious, during a fight. I'm sure it wasn't much of a fight on the poor little dog's side.
Our neighbors big dog once attacked our tiny dog. We paid for it, as we didn't actually 'see' the attack. Poor Snuggles had his intestines punctured and had stitches inside and out, stayed several days at the vet, but lived. It sure upset all of us.
I love the pic! I love witnessing the sunrise. I hope the place you walk at time of day is safe or you are not alone on your walk.....

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pennifold by pennifold 05 May 2018

Thanks Toogie, yes it's very safe to walk around our streets at that time of the morning. I see lots of regulars and half of them walk their dog. We lost Bella on May the 4th (Star Trek day) 7 years ago and she used to love her morning walkies, actually I don't know any dog that doesn't love to go walkies. Love Chris

by gerryvb 04 May 2018

great sunrise after a brave behavior, compliments for you !! great you were there to rescue the dachshund !!!

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pennifold by pennifold 05 May 2018

Yes, Gerry, I was glad to be there, if it wasn't for me that little (Dachshund) Sebastian would be dead. Love Chris

by meganne 04 May 2018

You did a very brave thing Chris! I’m so glad you were being watched over as you risked being badly bitten yourself.
Huge hugs and God bless you for saving the little dog as he surely would have been killed without your intervention. Xxxxxx

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pennifold by pennifold 04 May 2018

Thanks Meg and thanks for the lovely day at your place today. Love Chris

by devon 03 May 2018

Wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing.

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pennifold by pennifold 04 May 2018

Thanks Devon, love Chris

by jgwatchorn 03 May 2018

Hello Chris.
So please you have spoken with the Dog Ranger. I agree with babash. Janette

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pennifold by pennifold 04 May 2018

Hi Janette, yes, I think that's how everyone feels who I've spoken to. Love Chris

by pennifold 03 May 2018

UPDATE: Yesterday morning (Thursday) on my early morning walk the man whose little Dachshund was attacked approached me to thank me and asked me if he could get my details. So we went to his home and his wife was sitting with the little dog in their lounge-room with a bucket collar thingy around its neck. The man who I now know is called Brian had stitches in his arm where the Rottweiller had bitten him. He was concerned that I had been bitten too and I told him no I was fine. Anyway to cut a long story short I gave him my details etc. and went home.
About 9.30am the Dog Ranger from our Lake Macquarie council rang me to see if I would be willing to give evidence about the attack. I said "Yes", and I just happened to be going over to Thorpe's sewing machine repair shop (as my Husqvarna had died nearing the end of my dress I was making for Ophelie). Their building is only a stone's throw from Thorpe's so we decided to meet at 10.30. I gave Amanda (dog ranger) a precis of what happened and she asked if I would be willing to be recorded, of course I said yes. So we did that and she said she would let me know the outcome.
I will wait till I hear from Amanda. She said there are certain steps that have to be dealt with, especially as the dog attacked a human. They have to check the yard to make sure the dog can't get out again etc. and the dog may have to have a muzzle, there are all sorts of things they have to do. Love Chris
P.S. I'll let you know the outcome.

babash by babash 03 May 2018

Good to hear the little dog survived and the incident is being investigated. The owners of the big dog should also be liable for any Vet bills as well as medical bills.

pennifold by pennifold 04 May 2018

I wouldn't be surprised if they do have to pay. I'll hopefully find out tomorrow. Love Chris

by kustomkuddle 01 May 2018

Oh my goodness. I am glad that you are okay. It could have turned out so differently. I probably would have done the same thing seeing a frail gentleman trying to rescuing his precious dog. Am glad you could help him. Beautiful sunrise.

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pennifold by pennifold 02 May 2018

Thanks Debbie, I think all animal lovers would do the same and yes, the sunrise was gorgeous. Love Chris

by jgwatchorn 01 May 2018

Hi Chris, I hope you reported this to the Dog ranger. Janette

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pennifold by pennifold 02 May 2018

Hi Janette, no I didn't. The owner was very remorseful. I will check it out tomorrow morning. Love Chris

by babash 01 May 2018

Don't know whether to say you are brave or silly. Never get in the middle of a dog fight. From what you say the little dog was on a lead being walked and the big dog was on the loose. I hope they pay all the vet bills and secure the dog in their yard properly otherwise it could be a child or a jogger next time.

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pennifold by pennifold 02 May 2018

That's what one of my neighbours I spoke to about the incident this morning said too. I don't know if the man who had the Dachshund knows where the Rottweiller came from and I don't know where he lives. Love Chris

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 May 2018

I second that. That was a very brave thing to do. Lucky that you did not get hurt. You just acted to help out.

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pennifold by pennifold 02 May 2018

Thanks Angie, I just didn't think that the dog would hurt me, he seemed so friendly! Love Chris

by lbrow 01 May 2018

You were very brave Chris.

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pennifold by pennifold 01 May 2018

Hi Miss Lillian, yes, at the time you just act. I've just got home and I thought after the event this dog could have turned on me. I'm so upset for the older man he was frail and I kept asking him to pick up the dog, but the little dog had slipped out of the leash. The lady who owned the Rottweiller said he had never done anything like that with anyone and their kids. I do hope the Dachshund has survived the attack. Not pretty sights dog fights!!! Love Chris