by anssmile 01 May 2018


My babies were very small here - just babies - they both fit then where only one will fit now. This is one of the few pictures where my black baby actually came out nice on a picture. Normally she is just a black bundle.

Any advice on how to take pictures of a black cat where the detail can be seen? A cat that refuses to pose?

They are still extremely small today - the black one has longer legs and fur, so I thought she was the biggest.
She actually weighs less than the smaller cat!

My black baby only weighs 3.22 kg. She is on very good food and is not under weight.
My grey baby looks much smaller, but actually weighs 3.4 kg. She wears the smallest cat collar one can find.

According to the vet they are now fully grown and will not become bigger.

They are adorable and sooo cute.
I just had to show you the picture where the little black one can be seen.
The grey one is so easy to take pictures of - she always comes out nice.
But I have very few nice pictures of my black girl.

So - any advice how to take nice pictures of a black cat?

Enjoy your week!


by anssmile 04 May 2018

Hi Cuties
Thank you for your comments!
My little rescue (the black girl) was very aloof in the beginning. It was as if she merely tolerated being picked up. The message I got every time, was: 'OK, so you picked me up and hugged me, but put me down now!'
The little grey one came looking for attention a lot. She would start purring the minute I pick her up. The little black one would stay apart and just watch us.
I did not want her to feel left out, so I would cuddle and hug my grey girl, but also make eye contact and talk to the little black one at the same time. The vet said this was not necessary, as they won't feel left out, they are not people.
I disagree, because now she comes to me to be cuddled a lot. All because I keep on telling her she is not being left out.
She comes to me a lot asking to be picked up and cuddled! And it is difficult to get dressed for work in the morning, because that is when she really wants to be cuddled. She would but you with her head or rub against you or wake you with a little black nose in your face (normally at 3am in the morning!). And of course, if any one of them ask for attention, I immediately put down what I am busy with and hug and cuddle them. So, it takes a long time to get dressed in the morning.
And I love the attention I get from them...
Enjoy your weekend!

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basketkase by basketkase 05 May 2018

Beautiful girls! Your gray kitty has a perfect m on her forehead...I love the markings on tabby cats...does she have the little buttons on her tummy? Our black kitty, Sammi, loves to pose so he is easier to get good pics of, but it can be difficult to get the right background....

by kustomkuddle 01 May 2018

So cute. My fur baby ( dog) was black and grey. It was hard getting a picture of her also.

by shirley124 01 May 2018

Such a cute picture. We had a black cat and like you the photos look like a black ball of fluff. Hugs

by lbrow 01 May 2018

They are so sweet!

by anssmile 01 May 2018

More pics of when they were very small.

dee by dee 01 May 2018

Cute kitties.

laurasomi by laurasomi 01 May 2018

They're both cute, but i just love the black one and her Eyes, i have the same problem with my black girl and taking pictures,

shirley124 by shirley124 01 May 2018


hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 02 May 2018

adorable kitties! I had the same problem with my black lab. I love black kitties. At one time, when I first married my husband we had 4 black ones. He had two and I had two. One kitty couldn't handle all those cats.

anssmile by anssmile 04 May 2018

Sigh... Sounds like I won't have a lot of pictures of her. Just need to keep on trying and hope some come out visible.
They are very lovable, just wanted more pictures of them!