by devon 29 Apr 2018

Question I have updated to windows 10....... What is a good embroidery program that runs really good with it. I have 4D embroidery now and would not work on the new laptop. Thanks everyone. Devon


by katydid 29 Apr 2018

I HAVE ALWAYS been a Bernina girl so i can no advise you of other software. I am sure others will help you.

by sewist1 29 Apr 2018

Devon I know people who are successfully using 4D and even 3D on windows 10. You need to download the latest hasp driver from the Premier Embroidery site:

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 30 Apr 2018

I have 4D extra & last year some of it disappeared from my computer .I think the anti virus I was using did it ,it was always trying to change my settings because it didn't like my programs.
Have it on another computer so I didn't bother with reinstalling it.I have a hasp driver from elsewhere.
I tried this link in blue but it came up as a error , so I googled the green link but I couldn't see a search box ,to look for a hasp driver.Don't know what 4D extra is now called.
Could you tell me where to look for the latest Hasp driver.
thank you

pennifold by pennifold 30 Apr 2018

Hi Judy, go to the Smart Update section on your programme. You will find it by clicking on the CONFIGURE icon. Then go to Smart Update and follow the instructions. I hope this helps out. If not check out Husqvarna's website in their FAQuestions. Love Chris

sewist1 by sewist1 01 May 2018

Chris she can't go to the configure button if the software is not installed and won't work without the hasp driver..

sewist1 by sewist1 01 May 2018

Chris she can't use the update if the software is not installed and working.

sewist1 by sewist1 01 May 2018

Judy , Try highlighting the whole of this:

I have Pmd you.

by dragonflyer 29 Apr 2018

Well, not sure what 4D does...or exactly what you are needing...but Embird is what many cuties go to for their all around needs and it can be bought in modules as you need them...and updates/upgrades costs are minimal...if I were starting over, it would probably be what I would get...

by clintonmiss22 29 Apr 2018

I used OESD's Exploration until my laptop went haywire. My new computer has Windows 10 and I bought SewWhatPro. It works for me. Had a learning curve, but I think I've learned enough to use it pretty well. I don't need too many fancy options, but know they have other programs that work with it, like SewWrite. Think that's for digitizing and I don't do that! There's a Facebook group that is really helpful!

by gramsbear 29 Apr 2018

I had 4-D and when I went to Win 10, had to say byebye to 4D. I tried Premier Plus, doesn't do near what 4D did. So recently I bought Embrilliance Essentials, and am learning it. Seems easy to learn and I have been following the Help screen readings and u-tube videos, haven't become a wiz at it yet, but am improving daily. I like it, and it is on sale now for $139.00 and you only buy what modules you want to buy. I have the Thumnailer a well. Haven't went in to anything more until I know more about the working of the Essentials program. Hugs, Judy...

gramsbear by gramsbear 29 Apr 2018

Several sites are now selling Embrilliance software, as well as the main site!!!

devon by devon 29 Apr 2018

Wow thanks for the help. Devon