by ceasersmom2 27 Apr 2018

Is it possible to convert pes designs to jef designs ? If so , how? Thank you.


by ceasersmom2 13 May 2018

Thank you ladies for all your help.

by awesome1 28 Apr 2018 is another free program that does a lot more than reformat. Not compatible w/Mac, tho.

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snowball by snowball 02 May 2018

can you in reverse jef to pes

by noah 27 Apr 2018

try sew what pro it is only 65 bucks and can do lots i love it hugs

by dragonflyer 27 Apr 2018

Wilcom TrueSizer is a free program and can do the job very well...

davudfasen by davudfasen 27 Apr 2018

What about RAR designs..what are they? Thanks.

sewist1 by sewist1 27 Apr 2018

Rar is a compressed file similar to zip format. It is not a design format.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 28 Apr 2018

I know Embird will also convert rar designs.

mops by mops 29 Apr 2018

Not convert, just open/unrar

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 30 Apr 2018

7 Zip is another free program that will unzip .rar files...

by sandyqueen 27 Apr 2018

OESD has a free program i have used for years. Check site for ARTSIZER AND GIVE IT A TRY.