by cindymae68 27 Apr 2018

hi everyone

cindymae68 here.
just got a question, does anyone else have problems with uploading pics


by mops Moderator 28 Apr 2018

The size should be under 3Mb, I usually stick to under 2.5 Mb. I use Firefox.

by pennyhal2 28 Apr 2018

I upload using jpg format. Could you be using a different format?

by gerryvb 28 Apr 2018

I cannot upload in Explorer, but google Chrome will do. Hope this works for you too.

by airyfairy 27 Apr 2018

I have just down loaded two pictures in Personal and all is fine for me.

by dragonflyer 27 Apr 2018

They might be too large...I think you need them to be under 400 pixels or something like that...or try another browser...

cindymae68 by cindymae68 27 Apr 2018

thanks for the info. but they loaded faster from my husbands computer, maybe I need to upgrade.

cindymae68 by cindymae68 27 Apr 2018

I have been using internet browser, google. most of my sites wont even acknowledge internet browser anymore, they suggest I go thru chrome

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 28 Apr 2018

Perhaps it is your computer...I use Firefox...