by stock 27 Apr 2018

retired silos, in our small town, a 1918 army nurse and modern medic...wendy


by hightechgrammy 28 Apr 2018

They are just beautiful!

by clintonmiss22 27 Apr 2018

These are beautiful!! What town is this in?

My town has the high school art students paint murals in the "downtown" area. I enjoy seeing those.

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pennifold by pennifold 27 Apr 2018

Hi Clintonmiss22, this town is called Devinish, - I commented about it in my post at the bottom of the page here, it's in Victoria, Australia. Love Chris

by sewdeb 27 Apr 2018

What a wonderful use of these silos and fabulous art work, too!

by toogie 27 Apr 2018

Very Beautiful! In Florida where we vacationed, they had painting on buildings along the waterfront. I think it is amazing to be able to paint something so large and so perfect.

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stock by stock 28 Apr 2018

the larger town near us,
benalla have most of the empty walls painted, fro9m witches to Ghandi, brings in a lot of visitors..wendy

by lilylady 27 Apr 2018

Very, Very Nice!

by mrskiki 27 Apr 2018

Beautiful. Are the silos in use inside? Is it a museum perhaps? Hugs. Nan W

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stock by stock 28 Apr 2018

they were retired a few years ago, so they were just left, they only have a few drop of points for the farmers now.....wendy

by pennifold 27 Apr 2018

Hi Wendy, I'm sure Devenish is thrilled with this portrait of women in the armed forces. My sister lives in the township of Tumby Bay and they are going to have some done there too. I think these are great, well done to your artist Cam for outstanding work. Love Chris

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toogie by toogie 27 Apr 2018

Chris, my oldest grand daughter will graduate high school in a few weeks. She is joining the Air Force against her mother's wishes. I am concerned for Lanie too but they do grow up and have to find their own way......