by anssmile 26 Apr 2018

Hi Cuties, I need some more advice please. I love the ripple effect ripple stitches give to designs. Especially butterfly wings or animals. I want to buy software that can digitize ripple stithes. Which would be the best software giving the best value for money that have this stitch?

I am looking at the Elna software (created by Wilcom) as I want to buy a replacement machine for my broken machine from them and I am hoping to get a good deal from them as I also want to buy an overlock machine at the same time.
They do not use dongles for their software.
Would you recommend their software or should I look at other digitizing software? They also cater for cutwork and stumpwork. I love the dealer I currently work with, she is very close to my home, extremely helpful and do training and support on Saturdays. She will do the training on both the machines and the software. Hope to hear from someone soon! Best Regards. Anneliese.
PS: the picture is of my two fur babies when they were much smaller. I could not get the picture to stand upright. It is very difficult to take pictures of my black baby - she is normally just a black ball with no detail visible! I got them the cat tree for Christmas and they really love it.
Regards. Anneliese


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by dragonflyer edited 27 Apr 2018

Wilcom makes a few different brands of software and most are very similar to each other...They made Bernina's program, also Janome Digitizer (which I have). It is my go to program and it has the ripple stitch as well. Janome owns Elna, so my guess it is the same as the Janome Digitizer...I also have Janome's Artistic, but it does not have all the digitizing features that
the others do...also Wilcom makes their own Hatch software which is just about the same program as the Janome Digitizer software. Be aware that all of these will require you to purchase very expensive upgrades about every two years or so to keep current...if you want programs that do not charge for upgrades, look into Floriani FTCU. It is a full package and they offer free upgrades for life...big benifit! Embird is also a great package which allows you to purchase in modules as you need them and their upgrades are very inexpensive or free as well. I have the Floriani software, Janome Digiitizer and Artistic, Embird Basic with Iconizer and Palette 9 software programs. Do not care for the Palette 9 compared to the others...good luck and keep us posted...

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. I have the full Embird package with all the upgrades, but they do not have the ripple stitches.
I only want to buy a new package for the ripple stitches. I do not believe I would need to do the upgrades, as I am very happy with my Embird.
I was also wondering if the Janome Digitizer is the same as the Elna package. Elna mentions cutwork and stumpwork specifically, so I thought with the ripple stitches it should be fine. But if you are using it and you are happy with it, I have the personal reference I need to buy it. Seeing I do not plan to do upgrades, I am not concerned with future costs. I am concerned with support, and with my dealer close by and very helpful, I believe I will get the support I need. Thank you again for your feedback. Enjoy your weekend! Anneliese

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 28 Apr 2018

I have been using the Janome software for almost 10 is my go to software. I just looked at the Elna software on their home page...they call it "Digitizer V.5" which looks exactly the same as the Janome Digitizer V.5...I think they are the same programs which would make perfect sense...

by mrskiki 27 Apr 2018

I am not familiar with that software, but the key here is the dealer knows it and offers training. That is invaluable in my opinion. Just be sure you know what you are getting yourself into and it will do what you want before you spend a lot of money. Hugs. Nan W

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anssmile by anssmile 28 Apr 2018

Hi, you are so right. Support are extremely important to me. I have a great software I love, but it does not have the ripple stitches. I just want to buy software with the ripple stitches. I am not concerned with future costs, as I do not plan to upgrade this software. Thank you for your feedback . Hugs. Anneliese

by kustomkuddle 26 Apr 2018

Sorry, I don't know anything about digitizing. But, I love your furbabies and their tree!

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anssmile by anssmile 27 Apr 2018

Hi, aren't they just gorgeous! They are very cute but very naughty. They do not understand 'No'. My fault- I say no and then hug them because of the confused cute face looking at me. They get kissed a lot. I get a lot of cat kisses, too. They sleep in bed with me! Enjoy your week. Anneliese

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by shirley124 edited 26 Apr 2018

I have just bought the Janome Artistic. As yet I have not installed it on my laptop.It has the ripple stitch which I like also. Best of luck with what ever you choose. Love your fur babies. Hugs.

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anssmile by anssmile 27 Apr 2018

Hi, thank you for your feedback. I will investigate further before I buy. Enjoy your week! Anneliese

by basketkase 26 Apr 2018

I am not familiar with any software except for what I use.......I have Bernina 7.0 and it has the ripple stitch......your babies are gorgeous!

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anssmile by anssmile 27 Apr 2018

Hi, than you for your feedback. My babies are not aloof at all! Where I go, they go. And they always want to be cuddled. I love them to bits. They are sooo cute. And I also think they are gorgeous! I am currently deciding bewtween Bernina and Elna. But the Ladies at Bernina was not helpful at all and the Lady at Elna is an absolute star. And extremely helpful. She goes the extra mile to help you. But I will compare tbe two before I decide. Enjoy your week! Anneliese