by mary51 22 Apr 2018


Looking for a small sheriff badge applique. Thank you.


by sewist1 26 Apr 2018

Bunny Cup has one you could probably use:

by tilde01 23 Apr 2018

There is one in this set, just leave off the heart and add your own wording.

by kustomkuddle 23 Apr 2018

Planet Applique has one for Deputy Sheriff

by meganne 23 Apr 2018

Hi Mary, I don't have an applique design but I do have a small, 2.3 inch sheriff star design that I digitised some years ago.
You are welcome to it if it would suit your purpose. Please private message me with your email address and preferred format so that I can send it to you.
hugs n roses, Meg

pennifold by pennifold 23 Apr 2018

You are just too kind Meg. That's a great design. Love Chris

P.S. Have had girls here again today and tonight - Delphi is asleep and I just heard Ophelie slip out of bed and come down the hall towards the lounge and I said "go back to bed" - she didn't even question me, and snuck back but I know she would be thinking how come Nanna can hear me!!!! he he he! I've got bat ears!!!

mary51 by mary51 23 Apr 2018

Thank you Meg is perfect. I want to make a dog s coat for my Toby. Embroider his name and a sheriff badge.

arisann by arisann 05 May 2018

SO nice to share with her! good design!!

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by crafter2243 Moderator edited 22 Apr 2018

I do not know if you could use this. They have more badges that you might be able to turn into applique

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 22 Apr 2018

If you google "sheriff badge embroidery design" you will get results. Most of them have a charge. Some little, some very expensive. Maybe you can find what you need.