by mrskiki 21 Apr 2018

Need a bit of help. A while back this design was a free download and I am not sure how to put it together. Do you stitch out all 3 pieces and then sew or glue them together or do you stitch out the bottom 2 then put them together and stitch (embroider) the top one to them? Having a bit of a senior moment!


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by dragonflyer edited 21 Apr 2018

I would stitch the two largest ones first...then the small one...If you wanted to add the other two layers of petals, you could add them in the hoop if you stitched all but the center circles in the smallest, then you placed the other two on the back, middle size first then largest size (right side down) and secured them in place with tape or temporary spray...then turn back over and stitch the center circles in the small piece which would stitch all three layers together ITH...I would use a WSS stabilizer which could be washed away so you would have nice clean edges around the satin finishing stitching...hope this makes sense...if the yellow center circles are not the last color to stitch in that design, skip them, then add the other two pieces to the back and go back and stitch the yellow centers...or if you have software, move them to stitch last... :)

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mrskiki by mrskiki 23 Apr 2018

I was afraid it would be too thick to do it this way. Will probably just sew them all and then glue them together. I love fabric glue! Thanks

by crafter2243 Moderator 21 Apr 2018

I would stitch them individually and then assemble them either by sewing or gluing together.

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mrskiki by mrskiki 23 Apr 2018

This is my thoughts as well. Thanks.