by lilylady 21 Apr 2018

Moderators there is something going on under names in projects this morning. I checked a couple, not good.


by kustomkuddle 21 Apr 2018

What is going on with my name? How do we know if there is spam if not clicking on it? I haven't posted anything on projects in a while. I am sure glad that some of you know what to do.

rescuer by rescuer 21 Apr 2018

Just don't click on the SPAM messages. We don't sell watches here so if the comment shows watches -- don't click on the link.

kustomkuddle by kustomkuddle 21 Apr 2018

Ok. I was too afraid to even click on the messages to see what was coming up. So they are putting spam in the messages that comes up when the message is clicked. How awful to invade our space!. Thank you to everyone who watches out for us.

by babash 21 Apr 2018

Still there in Projects.

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rescuer by rescuer 21 Apr 2018

Our Cute owner will take care of it -- but it takes time. Thanks for your understanding

by rescuer Moderator 21 Apr 2018

Please do NOT click on the SPAM. They get paid for every click and it encourages them to come back for more... We have notified Miss Veronika. As soon as she sees her PM she will take care of the remaining comments.
Thank you lilylady for helping keep Cute safe.

by lilylady 21 Apr 2018

your welcome!

by lidiad 21 Apr 2018

Thank you, asterixsew :-)

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Apr 2018

Thanks for the heads up. I have sent a PM to test

by lilylady 21 Apr 2018

click on kustomkuddle or carolpountney are a coupe of them